With everything that’s happening around us right now, we tend to feel overwhelmed every now and then, amirite? Binging on the content on Instagram seems to be the only getaway that keeps us sane. Well, content creation is one of the most sought-after fields that is rapidly growing. Now, what if we said that you can also become a content creator. Confused? Don’t be, ’cause here are some valuable advice coming straight from a few amazing creators out there. These creators and artists have successfully made a name for themselves and amassed a massive fan following. So, if you are planning to step into the world of social media as a creator, keep reading and start taking notes!

Check it out:

1. Sonal Devraj a.k.a Bhaiyajiismile

Sonal Devraj is a popular dancer and choreographer who is also, one of the pioneers of the Team Naach family. She is a ball of energy who sets the stage on fire with her breathtaking moves and expressions. Here’s what she thinks you need in order to succeed as a creator,

Try to be as original and consistent as possible on social media. I feel that if you want to be a content creator then you have to create content on a regular basis. Think of new ideas and try to be different because only then you can stand out from the mass. Lastly, don’t give up or get demotivated as you always learn from failures.

2. Ahsaas Channa

Ahsaas is one of the most prominent artists and creators today. She is popular amongst the youth and people relate to her content to another level. Well, here’s what she has to say to anyone starting out their journey young,

The one piece of advice that I would like to give all budding content creators is that just go with the flow. You don’t need to stress about anything. It’s true that there is a lot of competition that comes out on a daily basis, but, just don’t let yourself down because of that. Don’t give up or let anything affect your confidence! Keep making content, this is a tough race and so many people are running in the same direction, but you must keep your head clear and aim at your goals, trust me everything will work out for you.

3. Ritu Agarwal a.k.a VoiceOfRitu

Apart from being one of the most talented singers and composers we know, Ritu Agarwal is a dynamic content creator. Here’s her candid advice for all budding creators,

Don’t listen to people out there, but, listen to your heart and start doing and creating what you love. Well, you don’t have to worry about numbers or what others are doing. Honestly, jitna confidence aap mein nahi hai ki aapki cheez kitni achi hai, usse kum mein achche log, full confidence mein cheez release ya upload kardete hai. In simple words, you need to have confidence, a goal, and then just start doing and creating content. It’s the best way to know where you stand.

4. Sonam Babani a.k.a Fashioneiress

The fashion and luxury content creator, Sonam Babani is known for her unique and classy style. Well, check out what she has to say to everyone who aspires to enter the luxury and fashion content creation space,

I think… be yourself, (for me) blogging started with the idea of personal style. Therefore, I think you should reflect your style and give your voice out because that’s what will make people recognise you.

5. Aparna Mulberry a.k.a InvertedCoconut

Aparna Mulberry is a thriving content creator who strongly keeps her cultural identity intact with her content. Recently she also got verified and we are super proud of her. So here’s some insightful advice that she gave creators,

According to me, the top two things that I feel any content creator should pay attention to is to provide valuable content and to be consistent. Firstly, you must give your content some sort of value as in why are people watching your content, is it to learn something, for comedy or just a feel good reason? People need to learn quality and need to provide value. Secondly, you have to be consistent with your work, the only reason why I was able to achieve was because I was consistent. If you post once a month then don’t expect any growth.

Well, I am going to add one bonus tip, that is you should love what you are doing, you need to have fun. If you are just doing it for the viewers and to become an influencer, then people will see that you are not genuine or real. Therefore, you have to love what you are talking, showing and creating and that’s how people will come to love you.

6. Varun Duggirala

He is a talented entrepreneur, podcaster and creator who is winning our hearts with his content. His podcasts are so relatable and we are always hooked to them! Here’s what he has to say,

Just surround yourself with really talented people as they make you look good and they make what you want to do look a lot better. Always collaborate and support the right kind of people, this will make you a very good creator and an entrepreneur. Also, as long as you are consistently doing this and are, of course, having fun things will workout out themselves.

Well, this was surely insightful, wasn’t it? We hope these amazing bits of advice help you in growing your channel or page. Whose advice motivated you the most? Tell us in the comments below! Also, we hope everyone reading this article is staying home and staying safe.