The 5 Most Common Body Lotions Mistakes You're Making

Kanak Devnani , 01 Jun 2021
Woman Applying Body Lotion By LStockStudio |
Woman Applying Body Lotion By LStockStudio |

When we talk about skincare and protecting our skin from the signs of ageing we often talk about the face neglect to talk about the other parts of our body. Taking care of the skin on our arms, hands, legs, feet and every square inch is also crucial. Whether you have dry, oily or problematic skin every kind needs moisture to stay smooth, elastic and healthy. Along with sun protection, a good daily body lotion habit can help you maintain youthful-looking and firm skin. However, it isn’t just a matter of applying it every day, while it can seem pretty straightforward there are still some mistakes we all make. From the application process to using the wrong formula, we’ve listed the most common body lotion mistakes and how to fix them to enjoy smooth, beautiful skin for a long time.

Scroll to discover the five body lotion mistakes everyone makes:

1. Not applying enough

You really don’t need to dump half the bottle every time but you should be applying it generously all over. We often get lazy and miss out on specific spots but make sure you’re moisturizing every inch of your body.

2. Not knowing your skin type

No matter how popular or recommended the product is if it doesn’t suit your skin type it’s not going to meet the needs of your skin. Pay close attention to the skin and if it had any special needs like redness, pigmentation or scarring and accordingly select the right lotion for your body. Overall it’s also necessary to choose a product that will be your skin hydrated for a long time. And yes, even oily skin types require moisture. For example, ingredients such as shea butter, cold-pressed oils, borage seed oil, and/or fatty acids such as ceramides tend to have great barrier-protecting properties.

3. Not applying lotion fast enough

After your shower moisture immediately starts getting pulled out of the skin from contact with the air. Like facial moisturizers, body lotions penetrate the skin better when it’s damp where it helps seals the water content. So the next time you get done with your shower it’s best to apply your lotion within the next three minutes to avoid your skin drying out.

4. Using the wrong type of lotion

Not all products are created equal. You might just be picking up any old lotion or body cream that smells good and gets the job done. However, it’s important to know what ingredients are going into your favourite lotion and if it’s doing more harm than good. Always check for any commonly found irritants that are better avoided like paraffin, fragrances, emulsifiers and parabens. While they work to ensure a long shelf certain ingredients could be drying out or irritating the skin. Moreover, are you using the right type of lotion for your needs? For example, mature skin would need to use a more a thicker, creamier lotion or an anti-ageing option as opposed to a thin, more watery topical.

5. Assuming natural or organic is better

While certain natural ingredients are known to be good for your skin it does not mean everything organic is good. In fact, certain plant substances or oils can be too harsh and concentrated or very triggering on the skin causing rashes or allergies. If you’re worried about skin sensitivities it best to look out for hydrating and hypo-allergenic products that contain fewer unnecessary ingredients.

Which mistakes are you guilty of? Let us know in the comments below.

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