10 Reasons Why Living On Your Own Is The Absolute Best

Sakshi Kore , 02 Jun 2021
Living On Your Own by Aila Images | www.shutterstock.com
Living On Your Own by Aila Images | www.shutterstock.com

I’m sure all of us dream of having our own house and living alone at some point in our lives. However, when the time arrives and things start to seem too real, it can get slightly daunting. While daunting as it is, living on your own comes with a host of benefits. In fact, when I had to move out at 18 for college, I was way too intimidated by the idea. The only good thing about it, which was not having to ask your parents for permission for every thing, also started to seem insignificant. But when I was finally doing it, I realised how liberating it was and quite life-enriching as well. So I’m going to list out all of the things that living on my own has taught me. Awesome things! Go.

1. It teaches you to be responsible.

Given that you’re in charge of the house, household responsibilities automatically fall on your shoulders and that tends to make you responsible overall as a person.

2. You become a lot more independent.

You learn to manage things all by yourself, things that you otherwise wouldn’t bother batting an eye at.

3. It teaches you the value of money especially when you’re living out of your own pocket.

Living on your own also gives you a reality check of how expensive it is to run a house and teaches you the importance of saving and more importantly, the value of money.

4. You get to design the space all by yourself.

It’s your space so you can go crazy with the interiors!

5. You choose the vibe of the house.

Living with your folks already comes up with a preset vibe. Living on your own gives you a chance to curate a space with a vibe you’d like yourself and other people to experience. From cosy to lavish and everything in-between, you choose the vibe.

6. Privacy is at an all-time high.

Do I need to say anything more about this? I guess not!

7. You learn to truly enjoy your own company.

Living alone can get lonely but that’s when you jump in to spare yourself of the lonesome and in the process, find solace in your own company. It’s a magical experience!

8. Who’s the boss of the house? That’s right, you!

The feeling gets better with each passing day!

9. You can flaunt your skills as a good host because guess who can invite people over as they please?

Having your own place gives you the liberty to make your abode a place that all your friends love hanging out at. You just tend to have a more active social life!

10. Finally, you can walk around absolutely naked and truly embrace your raw self!

Ah, to walk around in your raw form, the way that God made you, is an exceptional emotion and nothing beats it!

Lived on your own too? Share your experience with us below.

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