6 Reels That Prove Abhijeet Kain Is The King Of Syncing Songs With Relatable Content

Deepal Mehta , 03 Jun 2021
Abhijeet Kain (Source: Facebook | Abhijeet Kain)
Abhijeet Kain (Source: Facebook | Abhijeet Kain)

Aren’t we all fans of music whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood. Well, if you are then you’ve reached the perfect place for your daily dose of entertainment. Dude, let me super honest with you, creating content and thinking of memes every day is a full-time job. Not only that, keeping up with your audience and the kind of content they’d like to see on your profile is also a task to match. One such influencer who has mastered the art of syncing Bollywood as well as Hollywood songs in a quirky and intellectual way is Abhijeet Kain. So, check out some of my faves from his profile, keep scrolling.

Here’s some mindblowing ‘KainTent‘ by him:

1. When parents use technology :p

I’m very sure every Indian household could relate to this Reel by Abhijeet. When social media became famous such as Instagram, Facebook our parents too wanted to be a part of it but didn’t know how to use the features for the same. Also, let me tell you stalking our friends has topped that chart, lol.

2. Backbenchers ‘Ko Kabhi Dhiktana

Abhijeet creates content for anyone and everyone including children. One such Reel he made was this and it is more than relatable if there’s a word for that, lol. This Reel is defo making me nostalgic ‘cuz who doesn’t love school days, I totally miss those days and such content hits right in the heart. Also, I’m pretty sure we have all gone through this phase once in our life at least, haven’t we?

3. Banks and their lunch timings

Gosh, this has been the most difficult task, especially during the lockdown ‘cuz that was the only place we could go out for. In this Reel, he depicts the song ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge‘ with a fun and quirky twist. Every time we visit the bank they always have answers ready to call us back later ‘cuz apparently, it’s lunchtime. Tbh, it’s a complete mood-off situation but this Reel surely made my mood because of the way he synced the audio and video, amazing.

4. ‘Milegi‘ vaccine slots

Covid has taken a complete 360-degree turn in our life, hasn’t it? Currently, we all are struggling to get ourselves registered on the Cowin website for our vaccine slots, and this has been perfectly described by him in this Reel. On this note, we urge y’all to take all the precautions necessary to fight this disease as well as try to get yourself a slot asap. Coming back to his Reel, the song ‘Milegi Milegi‘ is just so apt, like how does he manage to get such relatable songs? Brb, messaging him for some tips.

5. Things mums say when annoyed

Again, all of us have been through this not once but a zillion times. Every time my mom asks me to get something from the grocery store, me being me will never note down the list, then later I forget the quantities, lol and this is exactly her reaction when I try to act over smart, haha! But isn’t that just all of us? Also, I can’t disagree with a fact that it’s her teaching us lessons in life like always.

6. Exam fever

Omg, this is legit the happiest feeling I get during an exam. When the invigilator looks into your paper and smiles, you know you’re going it right and keeping up with their expectations. I cannot stop mentioning that his song selection skills are 101, I can’t think of a better song relating to this scenario. Also, best of luck to all the peeps who have exams super soon, you’re going to slay it for sure.

These are just 6 Reels out of his hundreds of posts so, don’t forget to check out his Instagram ‘cuz you would definitely enjoy scrolling through his feed, not even kidding. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing this, okay not talking much of your time now, byeeee. Also, I hope you guys are staying home and staying safe.

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