Avneet Kaur is a powerhouse of talent, whose content always does manage to stand out. Be it dance videos, stunning transitions, sketches or just candid posts, this creator’s feed is quite wholesome. And if you have been an avid follower of this creator like I have, then you sure are well-versed with her amazing dance Reels! They have those smooth moves, bang-on expressions and of course, a whole lot of energy… Making each video an absolute treat to the eyes. Wanna watch them too? Here are the top 8 dance Reels by Avneet that are so good, they’ll instantly make you wanna dance!

Ready. Set. Scroll!

1. Avneet being a smooth operator

Now that’s what you call some smooth and effortless dancing. Avneet literally made the steps to this number look so easy. The whole casual look and vibe too makes this video quite a relaxing watch.

2. Nailing this Reel trend

This dance routine got so popular on Instagram that so many users tried using the same steps to different songs. And the result… it all fit so well. Avneet tried her version of the OG trend and my, my am I mind-blown. Bonus points for not editing out the end and keeping the Reel super real.

3. Killin’ it with those expressions

How often do you find dance videos where the expressions are so good, the minimal steps are just the perfect way to balance it out. This particular Reel by Avneet became so popular that it crossed 45 million views! Can’t blame the ones who must have watched this on loop too, right?

Avneet takes on yet another Instagram Reel trend and nails it! Keeping that happy vibe and energy intact, this creator sprinkles some uniqueness in this one. Also, that hair flip in this video needs a special mention.

5. This feel-good Bollywood number

This Jab We Met song is such a feel-good one that just by listening to it, your mood can get uplifted. And Avneet has chosen this song along with that amazing Goa background and some flowy moves that instantly makes your mind calm. And at the same time, you may crave a vacay too.

6. Before Remix Reels became a thing

Avneet laying down the rules of Remix Reels before it became a thing. I watched this video one too many times, only because I love how in-sync this is and also how some moves are different but yet perfect when watched as one frame.

7. Ready to feel surreal?

Avneet has managed to bring this sense of refreshing vibe to this already very surreal Bollywood number with this video. Some stunning twirls and that amazing backdrop of Udaipur makes this video just so beautiful.

8. Belly dancing on-point

Right from the attire to those moves, Avneet has made sure she does justice to this video. It all just works together so well. The way this creator grooves to this number is honestly quite commendable. Do you wanna see Avneet share some more dance videos like this one? ‘cause I sure do!

So, here were some amazing dance Reels by Avneet that were peppy and full of vibrant vibes. This creator always does manage to amaze us with her projects and social media posts. And tbh, I cannot to see more of her dance Reels. Do you have a favourite from this list? If yes, tell us about it in the comments. On a side note, I hope everyone is staying safe and taking all the needed precautions.