Instagram is a social media app that is flooded with content of every kind. So whatever be the mood or vibe, you’ll definitely find a content to fit your interest. Be it dance videos, workout, fitness, wellness, makeup… this social media app has it all! But off late this one creator has grabbed some undivided attention on the ‘gram, for the incredible content she has been posting. Dikshita Jindal a.k.a is a professional makeup artist as well as a beauty content creator. Her celebrity transformation videos have been leaving viewers stunned and we have picked out a few that are absolutely mind-blowing. Check them out!

Scroll away to witness some mesmerizing makeup transformations

1. Rekha

Dikshita transformed herself into the yesteryear actress, Rekha and the similarity is so unbelievable. Right from the face structure to those eyes and hairdo, this look is absolutely bang on!

2. Kajol

This transformation look is so good that you will literally end up watching this Reel on loop so that your eyes can register this wonder. Dikshita has nailed this transformation look of Kajol! Don’t you guys agree?

3. Michael Jackson

Dikshita tried her hand at creating Michael Jackson’s this famous look and it is absolute perfection. Right from the chiseled face cuts to the minute details, each aspect of this look is highly impressive.

4. Kangana Ranaut

Dikshita recreates Kangana’s look from the movie, Queen, and this Reel is an absolute treat to watch. We also love how this creator has used some amazing transitions along with the movie’s audio. It surely does give out the whole Queen vibe.

5. Irrfan Khan

As you watch this Reel, there’s mixed bag of emotions one may feel. Dikshita has paid attention to the fine details of the late actor, Irrfan’s face. This Reel definitely showcases the efforts gone into creating this look and it sure does leave you stunned, doesn’t it?

6. Gracy Singh

‘Radha Kaise Na Jale’ was a trending Reel audio on the ‘gram for quite a while. And as influencers tried to get creative with this Reel trend, this is one Reel that left everyone amazed. A makeup transformation along with the dance moves, quite a winning combo we think!

7. Mallika Dua

Dikshita adds another feather to the transformation hat with this look of Mallika Dua. What we really admire are the efforts taken into not only matching the original video via edit but also acting out Mallika’s portions. Quite amazing, we think!

8. Tom Ellis

Dikshita recreated  Tom Ellis’ look as Lucifer and both the recreations are so on-point! Here we thinking of how difficult it may be to just create one human look, but Dikshit raises the bar with two looks! And one being in the non-human form… mind-blown!

9. Matt LeBlanc

This most beloved character from the hit sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S isn’t the makeup transformation character that would be everyone’s go-to. But Dikshita sure did manage to surprise and stun us all with her recreation of Joey! Also, that ‘how you doin?’ end… bang-on!

10. Sushant Singh Rajput

Dikshita transformed herself to look so much like Sushant in this Reel that fans could not get enough of it. Their comments which ranged from ‘gave me goosebumps’ to ‘I cried watching this’ itself is validation enough right?

So these were some of the amazing makeup celebrity transformation looks by Dikshita that took Instagram by storm. These recreations are so similar that it speaks volumes of this creator’s skills and talents. Kudos to you, girl! Is there a look from this list that you absolutely loved? Tell us about it in the comments below. Also on a side note, we hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.