9 Meals We Can't Help But Crave During The Monsoons

Nelly Wadia , 08 Jun 2021
The best foods to consume during the monsoon season. By StockImageFactory.com | www.shutterstock.com
The best foods to consume during the monsoon season. By StockImageFactory.com | www.shutterstock.com

Many things about the monsoon season can be scary in Mumbai. Invisible pot-holes, waking up early and having to rush to work, flooding, people losing their homes or lives. This list could go on, but this time around most of us privileged folk get to enjoy this weather from the safety of our homes. Of course, our cravings kick in and we’re frothing at the mouth when we think of certain kinds of comfort food, amirite? So I decided to put together a list of popular meals everyone craves during the monsoons.

Here are 9 kinds of foods I must have when the monsoons hit Mumbai:

1) Bhutta

If you haven’t run down after the first few showers to the bhutta walla down the street you have been missing out on living that good life. All jokes apart, since you can’t really go out and actually shouldn’t really go out right now, you could just order the whole sweet corn and pop it on the stove. Mix salt and chilli powder and find yourself a lime and you are in business. I’ve tried it and while it isn’t exactly like the bhutta guy it will fill that gaping hole in your heart. As for the uninitiated, bhutta is corn on the cob and perfect to drive away those monsoon blues.

2) Cheese Pakora

Anybody who is anybody has a plate of garma garam pakora‘s ready at the first sight of rain. Growing up in India means a hot cup of chai and pakoras when it’s pouring outside. Pakoras have the power to bring the family together, no? And yes there are different types of pakoras and you can choose your monsoon go-to, but my favourite has to be cheese pakoras with green chutney. It is also my favourite thing to have when I’m out grabbing a drink with my friends at Janta.

3) Ramen/Maggi

I also typically enjoy ramen/pho cause it’s so soupy in nature and it has noodles in it. Plus, a bowl of ramen has egg, veggies, protein of your choice and is tres filling. So if you want to kill two birds with one stone then go down the rame/pho route. Also, dil see Hindustani ho toh Maggi noodles to the rescue always. And the best part about Maggi is that people have adopted different ways that they love to consume their Maggi. So go ahead and cook up a storm and that too in less than 20 minutes.

4) Pasta

Another, quick and easy meal to consume during the rains. Ten minutes to cook your pasta and another 15-20 minutes to put it all together. There are plenty of easy recipes you can find online and who doesn’t love creamy, cheesy and meaty during the monsoons, amirite?

5) Vada Pav

Maharashtra’s favourite tea-time snack, ask anyone what they’ve missed most about the lockdown and they’ll tell you they’ve missed eating chaat and vada pav. Again vada pav is actually pretty easy to make at home so don’t fret, just find a good recipe, buy the read-made garlic chutney powder and enjoy with a chilli. The heat from each bite is totally bound to comfort you during the monsoon season.

6) Momos

The best thing about momos is the sauce it gets consumed with. Every dip and bite is like eating a piece of heaven. These bad boys are readily available in the market all you gotta do is steam or pan fry it. Monsoon meals that you can eat like popcorn.

7) Bhajia

Kanda batata bhajia should be a basic human necessity. This means a plate full of bhajia is like a day made during the monsoon season. yea? Another delicacy typical to Maharashtra and best enjoyed with a nice glass of cutting chai.

8) Soup

You know how when you’re sick or coming down with a cold you start to crave soup because it’s so comforting? Similarly, you always crave comfort food during the monsoons. So, if you can make a nice soup from scratch at home that would be perfect and if not you can always order in your favourite kind. I for one love a good tomato soup with croutons, pumpkin soup with cream and a smoke carrot soup, yum!

9) Grilled Chicken & Mash

When you’re looking for something to fill you up for lunch or dinner during the monsoon; a nice plate of grilled chicken and mash potato is food for the soul.

What kind of food do you crave during the monsoons? Let me know in the comments below.

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