By now, I am sure that the world knows who BTS is. And if you don’t, you are surely living under a rock! It’s currently the biggest and the most popular K-pop boyband in the world, which is taking the music industry by storm. Their fans are called ‘ARMY‘ and trust me when I say this, BTS has an ARMY of millions right behind them! They recently came out with their new pop-track, ‘Butter‘ and within just a few days of its release, it has broken all possible streaming records online. Currently, it’s the most trending audio on Instagram and millions of people are creating Reels with it. Tbh, I am also a proud member of the ‘ARMY’ and I have been obsessed with this track. So, while scrolling through all the Butter Reels, I came across some really talented creators gave this track their very own twist and uploaded some quirky content around it. So, if you stan BTS, keep scrolling and check these videos out right now!

ARMY, are you ready?

1. Usaamah Siddique

First of all, this is such a creative Reel and indeed the transitions are ‘smooth like Butter‘! Usaamah just described what his week looks like in 15 seconds with this peppy track in the background. The song fits so well with his concept, don’t you agree? Also, I love how he showed a lil’ glimpse of the Butter music video in his Reel.

2. Shantanu Maheshwari

So, all of us who watched the Butter music video were absolutely blown away by the dance choreography that BTS came up with. However, Shantanu took it to a whole new level here, didn’t he? He created a dance cover on the song that was solely shot from the top. I was blown away by it and I think the members of the band should really check out his unique performance! 😛

3. Aksh Baghla

Let’s be honest, BTS‘ new song Butter has taken over the internet and I couldn’t get enough of it until I heard Aksh’s cover on it. First and foremost, I was absolutely blown away by his voice and how accurately he captured the song’s vibe. Not just that, he also did the Butter hook-step and smashed it out of the park. Aksh is known for his masterful mashups so, he went ahead and creatively sang a mashup of Butter with the popular track, ‘Saamne Yeh Kaun Aaya‘. Pretty soon I am starting a petition to get all his BTS covers (especially this one) on Spotify, the ARMY needs it!

4. Rida Tharana

Rida’s fashionable take on this song is indeed awesome and her transitions are literally smooth like Butter! What I absolutely loved is that she recreated the styling of all 7 members of the band and absolutely nailed their vibe. Personally, my favourite has to be Jungkook and Kim Taehyung’s style. If BTS ever saw this video, they’d just say one word, ‘Borahae‘! (I Purple You)

5. Faby

We all know Faby creates killer content and has her own quirky way of jumping on trends. Since the song is trending on Instagram, Faby created a fun and entertaining makeup video on it and I really liked it. Also, I love how her makeup went so well with the beats of the track.

6. Aishwarya

Aishwarya, I have a question for you. How are you so talented, girl? While BTS takes pride in having stellar dance choreographies, they should really watch Aishwarya hit that ball out of the park with her classical choreo on Butter. Also, I love how she mentioned her biases in her caption. My biases are and will always be J-hope and V!

7. Aparajita Misra

While promoting their new track, BTS mentioned in their interviews that this song doesn’t have a deep meaning. It’s a fun, happy Summer song that aims to lift your spirits during these uncertain times. Aparajita perfectly captured the summer vibe in her Reel, didn’t she?

Bonus video:

It would be a crime if I did not include this cutie, Ha Jun Woo’s video in the article! I mean, just look at him, he is a young, cute and talented athlete who literally nailed his jump rope routine to this famous BTS song.  I came across his video while scrolling through some ‘Butter’ Reels and I immediately knew that more people need to see his unmatched talent. FYI, I love his neon-light kicks!

So, ARMY I hope this article made you as happy as BTS‘ new song. I am constantly streaming Butter and I know you are too. Also, watching these talented creators give this song their very own take makes me so happy. So, while we wait for BTS to actually come to India, let’s keep watching these creative Reels and keep our spirits high. Also, I hope all of you are staying home, staying safe and trying to get vaccinated during these uncertain times. (Bangtan boys would want you to stay safe)


Korean heart sign (Source: Shutterstock)
Korean heart sign (Source: Shutterstock)