Exclusive: Music Composer-Singer Vayu Talks About His Recent Single ‘Tohfa’

Exclusive: Music Composer-Singer Vayu Talks About His Recent Single ‘Tohfa’

Avya Sharma

Lyricist, composer, and singer, Vayu recently dropped a song, Tohfa which is my current absolute favourite. Written, composed, and sung by the talented musician, the romantic number chronicles a dilemma of a lover. The song is soothing, catchy and is sure to stay with you for a longer time. For the unversed, Vayu is best known for his quirky dance numbers like Banno from Tanu Weds Manu 2, Beat Pe Booty, Naagin with Aastha Gill, AKASA, and Puri to name a few.

I recently got a chance to interview the multi-faceted musician. He spoke about his recent single and all things music.

Here are the excerpts from the interview

Can you tell us a little about your latest song, Tohfa?

Tohfa is a song about self-doubt in a relationship. The feeling where you wish to be the world to someone you love, but are also afraid of hurting them. This song originated during last lockdown when I was jamming with Manohar Rao, and then later taken over by Vaibhav Pani who has arranged and produced the song.

You are a multi-faceted artist, according to you what is your strongest skill?

I don’t consider myself a multi-faceted artist, but one thing that has always worked for me is songwriting. I enjoy the process of expressing my thoughts in lyrics. And it’s wholesome when I compose those lyrics in the tune I feel.

We love your songs, they are pretty quirky and fun. What about you? What kind of songs do you enjoy?

I think I’m a moody guy when it comes to enjoying the music. I don’t even have a playlist, I keep shuffling. But when I run out of ideas I listen to John Mayer often.

What’s your inspiration when you are composing a song?

I don’t think I’ll be able to give a rigid answer to this question. I have been inspired by so many things for so many songs. Like I was inspired by a truck’s horn when the idea of Naagin originated in my mind.

What was your journey into the Bollywood music industry like?

I started pretty early as I moved to Mumbai. Within one year I had my credit in a big film as a lyricist, and a few years later Banno happened. Nothing was planned. I just kept on working and trying my luck while I had a steady job. And when I felt the time is right, I moved into songwriting as my profession.

Lastly, any advice for aspiring singers?

Practice hard and be yourself. There’s no dearth of opportunities. You don’t have to rely on others to get noticed. Use social media to the max. Keep singing, keep posting.

I sure can’t wait to see what Vayu has in store for us this year! What about you guys?