Monday blues isn’t just two words often used as popular hashtags, it’s an emotion. And while many may share their various moods of the day on social media, there’s one creator whose content can be binge-watched to kick those Monday blues away. Karan Sareen a.k.a. @gorgeouspotahto is a very talented creator whose content is hilarious, relatable and can uplift anyone’s mood! He does quite an impeccable mimicry and has some really amazing dialogues too. So if you’re feeling the Monday blue vibe quite a bit much today, we have a few videos by Karan that will instantly cheer you up!

Gear up to say buh-bye those Monday blues

1. Harry Potter special

This one made us laugh so bad that we watched it on repeat. We especially love how he replaces Voldemort’s (or should we say ‘Volmadort‘… hehe) name to Goldie. Karan managed to get so in character and that not only with his clothes but his voice and tone too contributed to make this video a wholesome watch.

2. Continued…

In the second installment of this Harry Potter series, Karan shifts his focus to the other characters of the movie franchise. While this whole Reel is our fave, the video sure does get taken a notch higher when the little girl is included. Sprinkling a bit of cuteness quite generously, tbh!

3. Nazar explained in a Reel

The concept of Nazar or evil eye is quite well-known and of late there have been creators who have been coming up with comic videos around it too. This Reel by Karan has the literal dialogue and visual representation of the very many situations where ‘aapko nazar lag sakti hai‘. Did you laugh out of relatability too after watching this?

4. Monday to Friday prime-time ‘K’ serials

As kids, we were glued to the television, watching all the ‘K’ serials. And now as we watch this Reel, the relatability factor is maxxxx! The introduction of this video is so bang-on and the swift change to the vamp too. Also, did you have a flashback of all the serials you have watched, ‘cause we sure did!

5.  This mommy video

This video is literally every desi mom out there. Almost every word in this video screamed, “yeah our moms have said these things”… maybe differently but around the same context. Right?

6. Mumbai v/s Delhi

This video is quite an emotion. Whenever anyone travels anywhere in the world they often miss the street food or local food. For Delhites, it may be the Chole Bhature and Momos and for Mumbaikars, it’s the Vada Pav. Have you ever been in this situation?

7. Wait for it…

When you start to watch this video, you think it’s a basic lip-sync one, and then comes the real deal. The one with all the millienial slangs and whatnot! This one is definitely one of our favourites.

So here were some of the videos of Karan Sareen that were so good that we eagerly await more content from him every time. Did these videos make you laugh and kick those Monday blues away as they did for us? If yeah, share your thoughts in the comments below. And we hope everyone is staying safe, during these uncertain times. We urge you to wear your mask and take the vaccination shots, in case you haven’t.