Who has defined the age for content creation? No one, if you are passionate about being a creator then go for it! Today, I am gonna share a few influencers who are breaking ground one post at a time. At an age where society terms them as elderly or old, they are dressing up, dancing, making Reels, sharing life experiences and handing out some family preserved recipes. Yes, you guessed it right here are some senior creators who have style, spunk and are slaying it! So, check out these inspiring senior creators who are rocking the influencer scene on social media and proving that age is just a number.

Here they are:

1. Dinesh Mohan

Let’s be honest, Dinesh Mohan is absolutely fire on his verified Instagram account with his style and modeling Reels. Here’s a perfect example that proves he is following his passion and enjoying every bit of it. Well, is it just me or did you also love this transition of the ‘Mein Tera’ viral song trend more than anything else?

2. Rajini Chandy

OMG, millennials you have some tough competition here! Rajini’s styling makeover videos from sarees to ripped jeans and a denim jacket is so on point. No doubt, she is looking like a rockstar. This photoshoot was a great success as this picture is not only an inspiration for me but also is a sign for me to up my fashion game, hehehe!

3. Ravi Bala Sharma

Ravi Bala Sharma’s graceful and effortless dance moves are a testament to the fact that there is no age limit to do what you love. From dancing to peppy Bollywood upbeat tracks to making Reels on trending songs to going all classical and traditional. Moreover, she is a guru who is setting new milestones for herself as well as other women. It’s time for me to check out her latest dance video.

4. Manjri Varde a.k.a SassySaasu

I am sure everyone who surfs Instagram is aware of Sassy Sassu! An artist who is splashing colours on my ‘gram with her talent. By creating a range of abstract, divine, and traditional art, Manjiri Varde is giving a glimpse into her creative world through social media. Other than art she is also known for breaking stereotypes between ‘Saas-Bahu’ relationships in a fun comical way. I wish my future saas is as sassy as Manjiri! 😛

5. Mr. and Mrs. Verma

What can we even say about Mr. and Mrs. Verma, they are an aww-dorable couple, don’t you agree? The fact that they keep up with all the viral trends is mind-blowing. Their Instagram bio, ‘playing cool after 70s’ accurately describes them. Age was never a barrier to their coolness and they are slaying and spreading smiles all over the internet. Time to find my Mr. Verma with whom I can grow old and still be young.

6. Poonam Sapra

Poonam Sapra is also known as ‘Mother With Sign’ has taken the internet by storm with her unique and simple content. Her USP is her cardboard signs that prove the power of words. Without speaking, she was heard by millions and connected with them on different levels by turning every desi maa’s taunts and tricks into messages. She garnered love and support and in no time became famous as Mother With Sign. I straight-up relate to her content and discuss with my mom, how accurate it is.

7. Padma Balasubramanian

Padma, every day posted pictures of the food she cooked for lunch and dinner. Little did she know that her passion for home cooking will turn her into a food blogger one day! This escalated in no time and we don’t blame it cause her drool-worthy food content caught eyeballs and appreciations. Soon she started sharing some authentic family recipes. I bet you, her feed will not only make you hungry ASAP but will also make you miss home food.

8. Shanthi Ramachandran

Shanthi is a famous food blogger today who has become India’s most loved ‘Insta aunty’. It all started when her daughter pushed her into starting an Instagram account to post her favourite food recipes and to share some tips and tricks of cooking. Her tempting food pictures make me wanna try her simple recipes right away!

All those who think ‘is it too late to become a creator?’ Here’s your answer, look at these senior creators who have been breaking the barrier of age and influencing and inspiring youth out with their content. Also, it’s important to take utmost care of all the elderly in your house. So, don’t forget to stay home during these unpredictable times, stay safe, and double mask up!