The whole and sole reason why Instagram is so famous among millennials and the Gen-Z is ‘cuz of the relatability factor of its content. There isn’t a day where I haven’t shared memes with my friends on the ‘gram, ‘cuz these are the things we live for right? Hahaha! There are many pages filled with humor on IG, one such page that caught my attention is ‘The RealShit Gyan’. This meme page creates content around the immediate situations that occur around us as well as the unfiltered and real desi things. Also, did you know this page is run by 2 people? Well, now you know it. Tbh, I am absolutely in love with their bio which says ‘You’ll hate, You’ll relate, You’ll fall in love with us‘. I have for sure fallin’ in love with their page and have been following them since the very beginning. So if you wanna scream relatable just like I did, scroll down right away.

You might hate some, relate with some, and fall in love with some…

1. Mental math

What an amazing post this is. How do they come up with such humorous, funny, and quirky content? FYI, this picture was shared by Neil Nitin Mukesh while sending birthday wishes to Hrithik Roshan. Btw, did y’all understand this within the first 30 seconds of seeing the post? If not let me tell you how creative they got with this. The six people include Neil, Nitin, Mukesh counted as three individuals, and then there’s Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Hrithik. Also, 41 fingers cause each of them have 10 fingers except for Hrithik who has 11.

2. Nostalgic Vibe

Put your hands up in the air if you are still not over ‘Uff Teri Adaa‘ from Kartik Calling Kartik. This song just hits right in the feels and the vibe is so damn nostalgic and surreal. A big bow down to Shankar Mahadevan for giving us this song with such beautiful lyrics. I totes agree with this that no song can match the kinda vibe this song has given us, especially for the millennials. It fits perfectly well for late-night drives or even a house party. So add this to your list right away if it’s not, ‘cuz you’ll thank me later.

3. Let’s get to the details

I’m literally ROFLing rn reading this meme. I am so sure that the next time someone tells me ‘see I remembered this about you’ I am for sure going to revert back saying you’re the darji (tailor) to my details, hahaha lame but funny as well. Coming up with such content is quite challenging especially during a pandemic when your thoughts are limited, but they have aced this phenomenally.

4. Moms being moms

OMG, I think all of us can pretty much relate to this, isn’t it? Ngl, this happens to me on a daily basis, it’s so generic that we don’t even realize until such memes hit us. Like hell yeah, why do they do that? If they want to make what they have in their mind only, why do they ask us, ughh! If this doesn’t happen in your house, I have to say you’re super lucky to have your food preferences heard, legit.

5. Are you the CEO too?

While reading this your phone needs to be on silent, hahaha, busted! Jokes apart, the relatability factor here is maxxxx. I don’t understand why the millennials and Gen-Z, including me hehehe, have the habit of keeping our phones on silent. My parents must have yelled at me more than a 100 times for keeping my phone on silent but I still continue to do. Lord knows why! If y’all can relate to this, welcome to my gang! Also, I’m glad this meme is calling me a CEO, hahaha. 😛

6. Aloe-you-vera-much

Damn, all the gurls in the house, tell me if this is not relatable to y’all.  A-loe, Aloe Vera too much for this. In this meme, I can imagine the Aloe Vera tree singing ‘Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho‘, lol. This meme is indirectly informing us how important skincare is especially in a weather like ours, where some days are hot and humid while other days it’s bright and sunny. Again, this post is so apt ‘cuz of its relatability factor. The ‘doggo‘ picture and the text are accurately put together and the outcome is awesome, ain’t I right?

I love how ‘The RealShit Gyan‘ educates, informs as well as entertains us with their memes, it’s outstanding and too good! These are just 6 out of the thousand posts, they have. They post almost 8-10 posts a day and all of them are super relatable and quirky so don’t forget to check out their page for more such memes and humor. Also, as you enjoy these memes I hope y’all are staying home and safe. Also, please do get your vaccinated shots in case you haven’t. Now imma go, Adios!