Instagram is a great platform for its users to put their talents and creativity on display. While the competition on this social media platform may seem fierce, sheer creativity sure does manage to shine bright. Off late there have been a few content creators who have been posting some really interesting and creative videos on their Instagram accounts. And these Reels have been creating some waves on the ‘gram simply because they are absolutely amazing. And we have a list of these spectacular video edits right here for you! Check ’em out…

Scroll away for some Reel magic…

1. 3D Photo Trend

The 3D photo trend started out at a gradual pace. When creators like Meghna Kaur a.k.a. shetroublemaker posted it, viewers were left stunned. Also many began to wonder as to how did they manage to create a 3D effect to some still images. That’s where the great edit comes into the picture right? While some have spoken of 3D apps to create this, some make use of their amazing edit skills, which is commendable. All in all, it sure is a treat to the eyes right?

2. The Emoji edit

Any video with some animated element is just absolutely mind-blowing. We love how the emojis pop out of Shakti a.k.a. thefebruaryboy’s phone screen for us to see. To take things up a notch higher each emoji is represented by a look by means of colour and vibe. For fashion influencers, this can be quite an interesting edit option.

3. Amaze level, max!

This video by JV Films a.k.a. Vipul Jadhav featuring Natasha Luthra literally blew our minds. We love the stunning shots and amazingly smooth transitions. Fashion content creators who would want to show the various looks in one video, this is a video you have to save on the ‘gram!

4. Smooth like butter for sure!

This video featuring Usaamah Siddiqui has some really amazing transitions that are literally smooth like butter. And how apt is the usage of this latest BTS number? The creativity in this Reel is so good that I watched this one way too many times.

5. Ready to be amazed?

This video literally went from 0 to 100 on the scale of creativity in just a few seconds. JV Films’ this Reel has two really stunning highlight moments. One definitely being the split-screen showing the car moving in two different locales and the other being the shot of Rizwan Bachav’s multiplying presence in those few frames. Mind-blown and how!

6. Sneaker love Reel edit!

We love this Reel by Jay Kishanwala! The focus element has been highlighted so well and played with too at the drop of each beat. For all those sneaker lovers, here’s a super awesome video edit that will leave you amazed. Kudos to you, Jay!

7. Let this Reel sink in

This Reel is so good that you may watch this on loop and still not stop cease to be stunned about how kick-ass this edit is. Of course, there’s loads of efforts that may have gone behind making this but that creativity is indeed phenomenal. Are you as visually pleased and stunned as we are after watching this one?

So here were some really spectacular video Reel edits from the ‘gram that are so good that you wanna keep watching them on loop. Talented creators like Jay Kishanwala and Vipul Jadhav sure have done a wonderful job at them, and we cannot stop applauding their creativity. While we love all of these Reels, we wanna know if you have a favourite one from list? If yeah, do share them with us in the comments. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone is taking care of themselves during these uncertain times. And please don’t forget to mask up!