7 Nail Art Designs That Look Great With Short Nails

Kanak Devnani , 15 Jun 2021

When it comes to long nails the best way to describe them is as the popular girls of manicures. They get all the attention with their intricate designs and when new trends hit and are always all over the ‘gram. Unfortunately, when showcasing all those designs on long nails, those of us shorties are sometimes left behind or overlooked. Sure long nails are nice but if you’re like me in a couple of weeks they can start to feel more high-maintenance than it’s worth. Not to mention I’m clumsy so I’m bound to break a nail at some point. But that doesn’t mean we can’t rock some fabulous nail art too. It’s just a matter of considering the right design. In fact, nail art can sometimes look more fabulous and chic or short manicures than long or acrylic nails.

So if you’re someone who’s struggling with weak nails, a nail biter or just plain avoiding nail extensions, there’s no need to fret. We scoured Instagram for some of our favourite eye-catching nail designs for short nails we can guarantee you’ll want to copy ASAP.

Keep scrolling to discover fun nail art ideas that look great on short nails:

1. Picnic strawberry nails

Two trends in one make for an awesome manicure that we cant wait to replicate. This cute neutral plaid and strawberry print manicure has us missing picnics at the park on a warm sunny day.

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2. Summer evil eyes

Simple but eye-catching to be sure this nail design couldn’t be better for short nails.

3. Groovy mismatched

70s fashion and beauty trends have been picking up steam and they’ve made their way to nail art too. This cool mismatched design is super groovy with a mix of solids, florals and abstract negative spacing lines that work especially great on short manicures.

4. Rainbow stripes

We’re all still obsessing over rainbow manicures this month. It adds a dose of graphic appeal and perfect for the summer season or when you can’t decide what colour to pick, go for them all. For shorter nails think thin lines of colourful stripes over a neutral base.

5. Glitter tips & cuticles

If you’re worried your short nails won’t get noticed it’s time to light them up with some sparkle. I mean who doesn’t love some glitter, amirite? Adding glitter can make your nails appear longer and this manicure looks fun and chic at the same time. It’s a party on your nails that will definitely bring that smile back to your face.

6. Emoji inspired

The adorable smiley face manicure can be easily achieved with just 3 colours and you can probably do this at home too. Don’t have a nail brush? No worries, never underestimate the power of a bobby pin or toothpick as a dotting tool or to create circles. But if you’re feeling lazy, after the base nude is dry just get some cute smiley nail decals and stick them on. It’ll look cute no matter what.

7. Shimmer stripe accent nail

Sleek, simple and sophisticated. If you prefer a more classic or minimalistic design this one’s perfect. Start with a neutral or bare base and add a single shimmering stripe as your accent nail. Super easy to maintain but works for literally any occasion or shape of nails.

What’s your favourite nail art design from the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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