The COVID-19 pandemic really shook our entire nation to its foundation and Sonu Sood was the person who managed to win so many hearts with his philanthropic activities and his many endeavours to help the ones in need during tough times.

While the cases in the country are going down and things are leaning towards normalcy slowly, Sonu is still very much busy as he is always looking to reach out to the ones in need at all times and bringing some happiness into their life. Recently, he fulfilled a young cancer patient’s wish to meet him and shared how he was filled with so much joy meeting the boy.

Taking to his Instagram, he shared a video of him meeting Abhishek, who is undergoing cancer treatment and has lost his ability to hear. He writes, ‘It’s heartbreaking to see people suffer all over the nation, although COVID-19 cases have reduced , the situation of numerous families still remains grim. Met Abhishek who has lost his hearing and is still undergoing treatment. Deeply touched by his love and praying for his speedy recovery. I urge people to come forward, we, together can help them overcome these difficult times’

Check out his post:

This sure is such a heartwarming moment, no? It’s great to see the impact Sonu’s actions have had on so many young minds and hearts all over.