Almost all of us today spend most of our time scrolling through Instagram. It’s one of the most popular platforms among this generation and it garners millions of eye-balls every day. So, as a content creator, if you wish to reach out to a lot of people, Instagram is the perfect platform to do that. However, with so many people trying to catch the audience’s attention, how can you stand out from the clutter? The best way to break the clutter is to stay unique to your craft and keep trying new things on the platform. Only if you use Instagram and its features to the best of its potential, you’ll be able to see growth on your profile. Fortunately, @creators by Instagram regularly posts some amazing tutorials that’ll defo help you amp your profile. Check out some of our fave tutorials right here, tbh I found them super helpful!

Ready. Set. Scroll!

1. How to ace those transitions in your Reels

First of all, I love her transitions skills myself and have been trying to ace them for a long time. It’s awesome that @creators started with a ‘Reels School‘ as soon as the Reels feature was announced. I am sure this helped so many people understand how Reels and transitions work. Also, this tutorial is so easy to understand, isn’t it?

2. How to control who can message you

Sometimes receiving tones of random messages from strangers on social media platforms can be a little overwhelming. However, you can control who can message you on Instagram, isn’t that cool? Here’s a quick and insightful tutorial that’ll make sure this platform is a safe space for you.

3. How to use voiceover

As many of us know, Instagram recently introduced the voiceover feature in Reels and so many creators have been going gaga over it. While so many of us wish to try this feature out, it might be a lil’ confusing as to how you can use it. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial by @creators that will surely sort you out!

4. How to use Remix

Remix Reels is the new thing and if you wish to stay updated with the trends, you better start ‘Remixing‘ those Reels. If you are confused as to how you can go about it, this easy tutorial will come to your rescue. I absolutely love how they keep their videos so short and crisp but put forward the required information perfectly.

5. Algorithm myth-busting

While this is not a tutorial by @creators, it’s surely something all the creators need to watch. Sometime back they conducted a live session and spoke extensively about how the algorithm works. So many of us are often confused about the Instagram algorithm so, this live will surely be an insightful watch.

6. How to hide like counts

The number game on Instagram can get super overwhelming for some people. This is exactly why the platform came out with a new feature that helps you hide your like count. If you wish to do that for your posts as well, here’s a quick tutorial that will help you. I love how they are so consciously working towards making this social media platform a safe place for people.

So, while the @creators handle has so many posts that we can learn from, these quick and easy tutorials are my favourite. Did these help you in understanding Instagram in a better manner? Tell us in the comments below! Also, we hope all of you are staying home and staying safe during these uncertain times.