Paradigm Records Releases Jay Rana & Skopos' Debut EP 'Magic & Pasta'

Shubanka Sridhar , 16 Jun 2021

It’s always a good day when you discover new music, no? Especially if it’s up and coming Indian musicians who are adding to the Indian music scene. This debut English EP in the spotlight is titled ‘Magic & Pasta’ and consists of 4 tracks (3 audios, 1 music video). The composer-producer duo and mix-master engineers — Jay Rana & Skopos a.k.a Lakshay Nanda — have experimented with lo-fi and jazz music, culminating into an EP that is groovy, light and melodious, with a goal of being happy and positive.

It is set to be released by Apram Lamba of Paradigm Records. The Delhi-NCR label have done successful shows in India with international artists like Diplo, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Sean and more.

The four tracks include — Wake Up, Summer Evening, Taste Me and Crossfire. While Wake Up has Jay Rana and Skopos, Summer Evening features guest vocalist, Akanksha Sethi. Taste Me has Mayank Mittal from the pop-rock band Kapow! who features in the music video and contributes to the vocals and Crossfire features the guitarist from Kapow!, Vinod Arora.

Speaking about not being sure of the EP first, Apramjeet Singh Lamba (Founder, Paradigm Records) shares how he was convinced about it:

When Jay and Skopos first came to me with the idea of an Experiment Jazz EP, I was not quite sure if it would fit in the vibe the label is going with, Jay just took out a portable speaker out of his bag and played me the demos for 5 track and that was literally magic. 4 out of those 5 tracks now make the EP “Magic and Pasta” while one will be released as a single later this year.

Talking about his debut EP, Jay Rana says:

Magic & Pasta being my debut EP, will always be close to my heart. I had so much fun working on it with Skopos, Apram and the featured musicians. Everyone who has been a part of this project with us are extremely talented. My love and respect to everyone. Stay tuned for more because this was just the beginning!

It is Skopos’ a.k.a Lakshay’s debut EP too, and he shares that he had a magical journey creating these records and that the goal throughout was about making happy and positive music.

He adds:

A lot of people went through mental health struggles and are continuing to go through it as well. We wanted to give everyone something to groove on and something to chill on.

Check out the music video of Taste Me here:

Here’s the Spotify playlist for all the tracks:

These sure are tracks that cover so many moods and such a great set of tunes to just get groovy and happy after a long day, or in the middle of your day, no?

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