All dog lovers, hear me out, one thing I can surely agree with is that having a furry friend around me makes my life a hundred times better! Well, all furry friends take their job of brightening moods and keeping everyone happy very seriously. After all, loving is easy and comes naturally to them. There is no doubt about how dog parents obsess over their pups doing cute things every single day. Be it yawning, rolling over in bed, walking with sass and swag the list continues and it’s impossible to not capture these moments and share them all on social media. However, not everyone has a pet at home. Therefore, paw-fect doggo posts are to the rescue that will make you add infinite ‘W’s’ to your ‘Aww’.

So, if you’re looking for your daily dose of furry love and cuddles, you gotta follow these accounts right away. I am certain that once you start scrolling there’s no going back, woof woof!

Beware: You are about to fall in love with furry su-paw-stars!

1. Paw-five

If this cutest dog in the world, greeting with a ‘hi-paw‘ is not melting your heart and bringing a smile to your face then I don’t know what will? Honestly, all I wanna do is give this little furry munchkin a paw-five back, pick him up and cuddle him until my arms hurt.

2. Best cuddle partner

Having a pet around will surely help you be positive and feel loved. Malini Agarwal is a lucky parent as Mylo the Reagle gives the best cuddles. With his daily tricks, he makes everyone smile and sparks joy around. Ngl, this is one of my faves!

3. Lights…Camera…Woof

Looks like the paw-parazzi caught these snob doggies posing with their mamma, Aashna Shroff. Is it just me or do you also agree that self-pawtraits capture sweet and raw emotions? Moreover, these pictures are simply adorable!

4. Netflix and Chill

This doggo picture is big mood, don’t you agree? Taking out time for self-care and to do things you love is very important for mental well-being. Beware, this super adorable doggo picture will make you fall in love. Lastly, I live for pictures of dogs in cute bathrobes, hehehe!

5. DJ Marshall in the house

Just ‘paws’ (pause) and imagine a combo of doggo cuddles and music carols together? I bet your answer is, mind=blown! Marshall is Mylo’s brother and Nitin Miranni’s baby. Well, what can we even say about this little pop star whose big brown eyes have us swooning.

6. Did someone say playtime?

The way doggies make a face when they wanna play fetch is just the cutest. How can anyone say NO to them? Scarbro is a little bundle of energy who keeps Lilly on her toes. Check out this four-legged Chi-Poo’s feed for some adorable pictures and videos that will keep a smile on your face throughout.

7. One more kiss

What’s a better distraction from the overwhelming situation than scrolling through pictures of our favourite furry friends? I guarantee this adorable picture will lift your spirits and have you wanting to give one more lipstick-kiss stain.

8. Ready to go for long walks

Barfee the poodle’s sense of style can wow anyone, he is one dapper boi, isn’t he? His walking shoes will make you wanna run to the nearest pet store. Radhika Seth, where did you get these cute boots and bow from? Need to get a pair for my doggo too!

9. Is anyone hungry yet?

Did someone say food? Princess is stealing our hearts, how can you not fall in love with this floof? Princess is an adorable golden retriever who’s Anirudh Sharma and Mrunal Panchal’s fur baby and we just cannot take our eyes off her can I cuddle her already!

10. Work mode on, partner!

Bronny and Manav Chhabra are bros forever! If I had a working partner like Bronny then I bet I would be the most distracted person ever. This picture is just so adorable and makes me laugh at how innocent and lovable doggos are.

11. Look deep into my eyes hooman

I can’t help falling in love with you little Travis. If you love cuddles then puppy pictures and videos will make you happy. Find love as pure as a dog’s love and I bet you will be the luckiest person. Sanket Mehta, you found your su-paw-star now I need to find my puppy love.

12. Naptime

Look at Morty all ready to take his nap on his bed with his fave blanky! Those button eyes popping out waiting for his mom, Anisha Dixit to cuddle and sleep next to him. Just cannot get over Morty’s feed!

Dogs can help improve your mood in ways that you may not have noticed before. Well, if they don’t brighten up your day then we don’t know what will! I love these adorable doggo posts more than anything in this world right now. Feel like cuddling, playing and squishing them all day. On a side note, let’s stay and home and bond with our pets more and if you don’t have one then check these doggo profiles out now for your daily dose of furry love!