Instagram was already famous for its unique feature but since Reels started it has taken a complete 360-degree twist to its algorithm as well as the content. Lately, more and more people are thriving to create content solely cause of Reels. It’s so fascinating to see people scrolling on the Reels section for over an hour without even realizing they’ve spent so much time on it. Talking about Reels, trends have suddenly become an important part of IG. Every second week there is a new trend that blows up the ‘gram. Similarly, a few days ago a remix by Nagma Mirajkar on  ‘Sky is falling down‘ by Jay Sean and ‘Dilli wali girlfriend‘ by Arjit Singh as well as Sunidhi Chauhan was making its mark. Also, it was the 8th year celebration of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani‘, that gave a boost to this trend. So here are a few variations of the same trend by different creators.

Which one do you like?

1. Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar

Let me tell you, Nagma is the queen of giving her own atrangi twists to all trends. So many of her Reels started trending on the ‘gram ‘cuz of her fandom as well as the amazing audio remixes her team makes. I love how the whole remix of this song was made, it made me go WOW. Since she was the OG creator of this trend as well, we love how simple yet quirky her Reel is. She shows how her phone is falling down on the words ‘sky is falling down‘ transitioned to her all dressed up along with Awez. Aren’t they just couple goals?

2. Manav Chhabra and Unnati Malharkar

Let’s all scream Unnav, as they’re making us fall in love with them more and more each day, don’t y’all agree? They took up this trend and made it look so easy and classy. The concept behind making this was to show how Manav changed his personality to Unnati but also confused as to how that happened. Not to forget, the smooth hand transition makes it so doable and engaging. This twist can be used by all the couples in the house, so start Reeling right away.

3. Anam Darbar and Sunny Chopra

This Atrnagz member has always uplifted our spirits with her catchy and magnificent Reels. She too, just like  Nagma tries to give her own twist to trends and makes it super catchy and creative. Anam enjoys dancing, so here instead of making it a plain transition Reel, she also added a few lit dance moves along with Sunny, and her expressions just fit so well with the song. Don’t y’all want to see more Reels with the two of them?

4. Ashi Khanna

The mom and daughter duo you didn’t know you needed! #DamnGirl, she aced this trend so well along with her mom. Two amazing ladies in one frame, is it a lil’ difficult to digest that? Ashi has always been super chic and cute with her content, that’s why we love her so much! She gave this Reel her personal touch by making it look super desi and elegant.

5. Viraj Ghelani

OMG, if y’all haven’t noticed this recently let me tell y’all Viraj has started putting an end to so many Instagram trends. Viraj being Viraj had to do something different from others to make his content hatke. Here is a snippet of how he gives an end to this trend and ngl it’s so relatable and hilarious as hell. Here he shows how the earing falls down but it gets lost when it falls down so there is no chance to come back up with a different transition and that’s how he puts an end to the trend. I have to say ‘That’s so Viraj‘.

6. Deeksha Khurana

Quite recently Deeksha crossed 500k followers on Instagram and tbh, I’m smitten with her content. She took up this trend and added some Dee-tails to it as always. She legit shows the ‘sky is falling down‘ through her hands, isn’t that just creating magic to her content? Tbh, I loved this transition from western to desi outfit. I’d defo make a remix Reel on this Reel as the vibe is just so happy.

7. Debasree Banerjee

In this version of the trend the jhumkas or an earring falls down and once you pick it up boom it’s a whole new person there. Let’s be honest, this has to be the most famous and applied version of the trend as all the gurls are hooked on it. Debasree literally ‘blue’ me away with her killer transition. The makeup just looks so fab on her. Hayee, nazar na lage.

So which one was your fave version out of these? Tell us in the comments below and hope you’re safe and staying home while hoping on these quirky trends. ‘Cuz, social media is life, there isn’t a day we don’t scroll through Instagram. Okay too much talking done, bye.