For all of you who surf the net, surely many of us know and love Saloni Gaur’s content. She is a content creator and comedian who’s taken the internet by storm with her hilariously accurate Reels and videos. Every time I feel blue, I just scroll through her feed and go down the rabbit hole of her Reels. The best part? Most of her videos hit me right in the feels and have me shaking my head with relatability. So, if you are feeling down, I have the perfect remedy for you that might help you lift your spirits while you stay home and stay safe. Check out these hilarious Reels by Saloni that surely had me rolling on the floor laughing.

Here they are:

1. Desi mom v/s safety

Raise your hand if even you find this extremely relatable. After watching this Reel, the first thing I did was showed it to my mom ‘cuz she is exactly like this. I love how Saloni is able to capture such funny household anecdotes in her content.

2. Desi mom meets the Big Bull

Recently the film Big Bull released online and many of us couldn’t stop streaming it because of its gripping plot. However, I absolutely cannot get over how Saloni incorporated the essence of the film in her Reel. It’s straight-up hilarious, isn’t it?

3. Saloni as the ‘Chak De Girl

This Reel literally had me in splits. It’s so accurate, amirite? The way she gets her mom’s phone literally in the middle of the main goal left me shaking my head with reliability. All of us get curfew calls from our mom exactly like this at the most crucial times, don’t we?

4. Angry kids in movies

I am sorry but my mom would end my life if by any chance I throw stuff around like this. All of us have watched such dramatic movie scenes of people throwing stuff around. However, I am sure won’t be allowed to wreck our houses like this in reality, amirite? 😛

5. What happens while actually trying the #BussIt challenge

Saloni has hit me right in the feels with this video! When I tried the #BussIt challenge, this is exactly how it went, lol. The way she manages to create such relatable content blows my mind every time. I love how she jumped on the viral trend but gave it own her desi twist.

6. Me after watching a new web series

Let’s just all agree that most of us behaved exactly like this after watching Bandish Bandits. The web series was amazing and their music got me hooked. I love how Saloni accurately explains our mood with her Reels and gives it a hilarious twist as well.

7. TMKOC has a special clout

Let’s just agree that TMKOC has its own special clout and while we were young we found ‘Tapu Sena‘ super cool. 😛 Yet again Saloni decided to ride on a trend but made it her own with this relatable lil’ twist.

These were just 7 out of the many amazing Reels and videos that Saloni has on her feed. Her fanbase is only growing by the day ‘cuz her comic timing is impeccable. Also, I hope these videos helped you lift your spirits up during these uncertain times. On a side note, let’s all of us consciously stay home, stay safe and try our best to get vaccinated soon.