When the pandemic hit, most of us were overcome with fear. How would we adjust to this new normal? Were we going to lose our near and dear ones? We were simply afraid, but as time went by, we moved along slowly. We began to invest our time and energy in things that were long forgotten because of our hectic schedules. Suddenly we had space for friends and family and other important hobbies we never knew existed. Plants clawed their way into our lives, soon some of us were cooking with the produce from our balconies.

Some people took on drawing and painting, some others took to music and others took to gardening. We began to think of the spaces we were living in and how they were devoid of love and positive vibrations. Naturally, the easiest way to raise the vibrations in one’s home is to add green to one’s space. A lot of people began buying and investing in indoor plants that also make wonderful natural air purifiers. And since we can’t all go to nurseries are this point, I put together a list of places that will home deliver these gorgeous babies to you.

Here’s a list of places you can shop for plants online:

1) Green Buddies

2) Vriksha Nursery

3) Plant People

4) Ugaoo

5) Growcerys

6) PlantsGuru

7) MyBageecha

8) Nurserylive

9) My Etheric Roots

Trishna custom makes terrariums and open gardens if you’re looking for centre table pieces that work well indoors with little to no effort.

10) Sow And Grow

If you’re a DIY kind of person and want to sow seeds yourself look no beyond this place. You can also place bulk orders for gifting and wedding favours.

What are some places you shop for plants online? Let me know in the comments below.

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