It’s the third Sunday of June and here comes a day dedicated to fathers and their fatherhood. Cheers to the superheroes of our life who sacrifice their own desires to fulfill ours. Well, we are sure that you will agree that Dads around the world play multiple roles in our real life. Now, just imagine them adding their ‘dadness’ and coolness on the Reel life, awesome right? We absolutely love it when creators bring their families to be a part of their videos and other content. So, on this fathers day, we thought of curating a list of creators who have created some adorable, relatable and candid content with their dads. The best part is that creators go all out to show their fathers just how much they love them. So, sit on your couch and start scrolling as these creators will give you all the inspo you need to start making content with your dads right away!

Here they are:

1. Prajakta Koli

Let’s be honest, Prajakta’s character sketches are so original that we think everyone can relate to them. Now, tell us one thing, who doesn’t want a cool dad like baba? Oh, baba is much cooler in reality! If you don’t believe us then you have to check out #SawaalSaturday with baba and we bet your mind will be blown away. He is natural when it comes to hilarious jokes and we absolutely enjoyed every bit of the video. Looks like he knows his daughter well as on #RealTalkTuesday, Prajakta took a trivia of who knows her better? Pretty soon we are starting a petition to watch more content with baba on-screen!

2. Sejal Kumar

Time and again we see Sejal create content with her father. OMG, her dad’s reaction to her Instagram pictures is so cute. And what can we even say about their fitness challenge video?  His josh was super high during the fitness challenge and gave Sejal a strong competition. Honestly, we live for videos and Reels where creators collaborate with their parents and create pure, candid content.

3. Juhi Godambe

Hands down this is one of the cutest father-daughter Reels we have ever seen! Juhi, we must say you do look similar to your dad and we just can’t stop adding ‘W’s’ to our ‘Awww’. Here’s a confession, Juhi we absolutely love your goofy and quirky side but this time we have to say your dad took the limelight and stole our hearts with his cuteness.

4. Kritika Khurana a.k.a Thatbohogirl

We love how Kritika and her dad create content together capturing all the father-daughter moments so beautifully. There is no doubt that Khurana dad is one of the coolest dads ever! This Reel right here is our fave ‘Savage Love’ to date. We often see these two shake a leg, do pranks and trending challenges with each other. What steals our hearts every time is their pure bond and love.

5. Deeksha Khurana

It’s Deeksha’s turn, we totally admire her cute relationship with her dad. From trending challenges to dance to goofy pranks, you have got it all covered. OMG, this trending chicken dance prank is so funny that we would love to try it on our dad’s too. The truth is that we laughed a little too hard here. So, if anyone’s looking for dad pranks then you know your go-to now!

6. Siddharth Batra

‘Papa kehte hain bada naam karega’, looks like, Siddharth took this song way too seriously! He created a mind-blowing Reel featuring his papa. Not just that, he also makes his dad proud every day by being the best version of himself. Guess what, this is exactly what we love about him. On a side note, Sid you are a style-icon who’s nailing every look like a boss here and your dad’s expressions are just too adorable!

7. Karan Sonawane a.k.a Focusedindian

Karan Sonawane, we are hooked to your entertaining content as well as your dad! If there’s a list of entertaining fathers on social media then Karan’s father would be on the top of that list, don’t you agree? Karan, your videos with your dad make us scream ‘relatable’ as your content is the story of every household father.

8. Sakshi Shivdasani

We love to see Sakshi and her dad bond and create content together. Sakshi is popular amongst the millennials for her relatable, fearless and hilarious content. We love how she jumps on viral trends but gives it her own twist. This video right here will make you laugh and at the same time make you go ‘Aww’ because of her dad’s hilarious and confused reaction. If we had even 1% of Sakshi’s sass then we would have been slaying it too.

9. Aishwarya Mohanraj

Aishwarya or her dad, who is the creator? Her videos with her dad keep popping on our Instagram Reel explore section. They two are one heck of a team and we absolutely love the kind of content they create. We bet everyone can relate to their content as it is as real as it can get and reminds us of our own dads, isn’t it?

10.  Shivani Bafna

The bubbly, Shivani Bafna is a daddy’s girl and there is no denying it! This Reel is the ultimate example of the kind of bond she has with her superhero. We often come across videos of her dancing and jumping on viral trends along with her dad. This ‘buzz it’ challenge was the cutest one so far and we saved it for our inspo to try it out with our dads. In simple words, Shivani and her father are #FatherDaughter goals!

11. Taneesha Mirwani

We absolutely love how Taneesha goofs around and openly discusses stereotypical topics with her dad and creates content. Taneesha, we are supremely proud of you and can’t wait to see what exciting content you have in store for us with your dad.

So, here’s our list of a few creators who create some epic content with their fathers. This Father’s Day, pamper your dad and spend some quality time together. But remember to make these memories while staying home and staying safe. Wishing you all once again a very happy Father’s Day!