Our consumption of fashion has been really unsteady since 2020. Not with regard to watching movies or shows that have great styling but in general, in our lives. We dress up way less, we don’t meet people as much so we don’t consume fashion from any external sources and let’s face it, there really is no such thing as a WFH look. Because slouchy pyjamas for the win, always! Sure you probably scroll through a million videos on social media about people putting together looks, sharing style tips and so on but sometimes, that just isn’t enough. And if you’re a fashionista, then you’ve already binge-watched shows like Gossip Girl, Next In Fashion, Styling Hollywood etc for reasons you already know. That’s why my list ahead comprises shows that aren’t centred around fashion (except one) but have a great style that will fill the sartorial void created in you, courtesy of 2020. So scroll ahead and enjoy!

5 shows on Netflix that will offer you that dose of fashion you’ve been missing:

1. The Bold type

A tale of three best friends working together at a women-focused fashion magazine with interesting lives of their own, The Bold Type aims to give you a direct peek at what goes on behind the curtains of a fashion magazine. Given that it’s about a magazine, the web series naturally has some great looks for you to wow yourself with. From highly chic to experimental and quirky to noteworthy vintage style, drag looks and androgynous fashion, The Bold Type has you in for a sartorial treat!

2. Elite

This Spanish web series will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. It’s a story about a group of friends in a private school in Spain, most of them come from wealthy families, and almost all of them are constantly involved in a controversy or two. But through it all, not one of them is ever not dressed like they’re ready to go to a Chanel or Gucci show. The drama and the fashion come together so wonderfully on Elite, I absolutely cannot boast about it enough!

3. Selling Sunset

The story is centred around 5 women who work for The Oppenheim Group, one of Los Angeles’ most luxurious brokerage company. Based on a real-life story, Selling Sunset is a packaged deal consisting of LA’s top-notch houses, gorgeous (an understatement) views, lavish neighbourhoods, delicious fashion and never-ending drama. To be in the field of real estate and to be dressed to kill every day is something Selling Sunset shows perfectly! The ladies are always, always in their best looks whether they’re on-duty or off. Just, you watch!

4. Schitts Creek

A rich, high-class family suddenly loses all of their wealth in a single night and are forced to move to a small town in the countryside named, Schitts Creek. Now you’d think that because the family lost almost all of their possessions, they’d probably be dressed in rags (read normal clothes) but you couldn’t be more wrong. While the dad is almost never seen in anything but the best of suits, the mom is dressed OTT every single day, even though all she has to do is, well, nothing. She amalgamates edgy with class and quirk so seamlessly, it’s a skill I’d love to learn. The daughter is all things flirty and feminine, think floral prints, ruffled dresses and off-shoulder blouses, while the son showcases killer androgynous looks like it’s NBD!

5. Bridgerton

The story involves a big group of siblings set sail to find love in the regency era of England, but the costume styling done on the show comes as much-needed eye candy for the current times. The opulence and extravaganza of clothes, the stunning colour palettes, the glimmering diamonds come together to form tiaras and whatnot, the beautiful hair and makeup, it’s all too good to be true. My suggestion: watch it and mesmerise yourself!

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