Taking one look at the rain out the window as it gently pelts down with a warm cup of chai in your hand, as you cuddle up on the sofa makes it very easy to romanticise the monsoon season. It can instantly make you think of endless Bollywood movie scenes as the actors dance beautifully in the rain as the musical scene plays out. In fact, we all know the hard reality when you actually experience it first hand. The moment the monsoon season begins in full swing it usually spells disaster for any of our looks the minute we step out of the house. So unless you’ve got a team of hair and makeup professionals on call, the humidity and rain combined keep us from looking our best. Not to mention constantly running for shelter to protect your clothes and a full face of makeup. If you totally get what we’re saying you’ll also relate hardcore to these beauty problems we all go through during this season.

Keep scrolling to check out the biggest beauty problems that give us the monsoon blues and how to fix them:

1. Smudged makeup

This one comes as no surprise as a lot of makeup is tough to hold up when it comes to extreme weather. The forecast could be for sunny days ahead and then bam you’re ambushed with a sudden shower. Now you’re a leaky mess with raccoon eyes and makeup that’s dripping off your face. If it’s not that, it’s the humidity sweating it all off. The best bet when it comes to makeup this season is to opt for waterproof and lighter matte products. Girl you’re going to want to skip that heavy foundation trust me. Plus the key to choosing the right products is by reading the fine line always pick water-proof and not just water-resistant options.

2. Frizzy hair

Humidity, the enemy of every hairdo especially if you have curly hair. Before you know it your hair is resembling poodles. While it’s tempting to use tons of products and oils to keep it under control it can only end up weighing it down. Use too much heat to tame it and you end up with heat damage and more frizz. To keep things in check opt for a lighter serum that works best with your natural texture and avoid reapplying them too much. Moreover, if you’ve got curly hair let them loose and embrace it rather than straightening it. Any sign of moisture or water they’ll end up curling anyways!

3. Perpetual oiliness

Greasy skin is one of the biggest worries come monsoon season. Time to pull out those blotting sheets and setting powders. However, while it might seem like a good idea to skip on your moisturizer please don’t! It’s still important to hydrate your skin. Swap out your regular heavy cream and face wash for something more gel or water-based that will soak in quickly. This will avoid any excess oil buildup but won’t leave your skin dehydrated either.

4. Limp and lifeless hair

While the humidity can make your hair look poofy on the opposite end it can also make it look lifeless. Too much moisture and your locks go flat and limp ruining that gorgeous voluminous blowout you just got done. The best thing here is to avoid heavy products and always keep the dry shampoo on hand for emergencies. Just remember to dry your hair completely before applying it to the roots of your hair. Struggling with your hairdo? Then opt for more interesting and fun hairstyles for rainy days that are easy to fix. Like cute braided styles or chic updos.

5. Chapped lips

You would think with so much moisture there wouldn’t be any worries about flakey lips. Well, unfortunately, that isn’t the case so don’t forget to use a hydrating lip balm to bring back the moisture to your lips. Most importantly opt for a formula with SPF included protecting your lips from the sun daily because sun damage can happen at any time, even on a rainy, cloudy day.

6. Irritated skin

Because the monsoon weather fluctuates so much our skin goes through a lot and can cause a lot of damage during the season. Stay attuned to what your skin needs and take some time to pamper it with face packs or sheet makes to revitalise your glow. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated naturally by drinking lots of water as it will help your body release harmful toxins.

7. Unhappy feet

Yeesh if you get caught in a puddle it’s the worst way to ruin that pedicure but that isn’t the worst part. Not only do you get wrinkly toes it can be a one way trip to fungal infections. Gross, I know! Always wash your feet with soap when you get home and moisturize well. In fact, it’s a good idea to give them a good old scrub with lukewarm water with your homemade scrub concoction or store-bought version to get all the dead skin and grime off the day.

How many of them did you relate to? Let me know in the comments below.

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