4 Trend Reels Reimagined By Viraj Ghelani That Prove He Is A Creative Genius

Deepal Mehta , 22 Jun 2021
Viraj Ghelani (Source: Instagram | @viraj_ghelani)
Viraj Ghelani (Source: Instagram | @viraj_ghelani)

Instagram has been flooded with a zillion Reels since the feature was introduced on the app. With Reels came in trends and with trends came the creator’s popularity. Also, these trends go on for weeks and weeks it’s not just for a span of few days. A plus point to this is that the visibility of the creator is recognized and appreciated. The next thing we know is that everyone tries to give their own personal touch to the Reel and make it as creative and quirky as they can. I don’t know if y’all have noticed this but, the #GujjuBoy, Viraj Ghelani decided to do something Hatke and unique by giving an end to a few Instagram trends. Well, if you want to know what I’m talking about you need to scroll down right away.

These made us say ‘That’s so Viraj

1. One Dance

Damn, this trend blew up the internet like crazy. And tbh, we didn’t even realize when this trend went from One Dance to Bole Chudiyan, like WOW. It was one of the most famous trends that went on for over a month. So, here’s how he put an end to this trend. This is hilarious as hell and Viraj dancing on it made it even funnier, hahaha.

2. Runaway Arora

Hahaha, this was such a relatable fail. Arent all our friends like Ravi? Here Viraj asks his friend Ravi to shoot his video for the RunawayArora but friends being friends do what they want, right? Similarly, Ravi did what he wanted to0, by picking up a call and leaving the room instead of shooting Viraj, hogaya khatam? Ngl, every god damn time we sit down to make Reels for Instagram, we start getting phone calls, isn’t that super annoying?

3. I don’t believe in friendship but…

In this Reel, he’s put an end to the trend with his own twist. The twist here is how he’s not using the OG audio which is I don’t believe in soulmates, but…! In fact, he made his own version of the audio which went like ‘I don’t believe in best friends but…where’s my money bro? Isn’t that super relatable and honest, haha? Then after all the screaming and shouting, he goes like ‘Tere yaar hoon mein’, kya baat hai, Viraj!

4. Dilli Wali Girlfriend

Here’s another epic end to the trend and ngl, it’s so relatable. Here, he shows how the earing falls down but it gets lost when it falls down so there is no chance to come back up with a different transition and that’s how he ended the trend.

This was absolutely something different from what other creators were doing and we wonder how he gets such amazingggg ideas, kudos Viraj. Let us know in the comments below which one was your fave out of these. Also, since these creators are putting in a lot of hard work to keep y’all entertained during the unlock phase we hope y’all are staying home and safe while trying to get vaccinated.

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