The Bollywood film industry has given us a host of actors whom we look up to and go gaga over. Fans outpour love on their favorite celebrities and sometimes some even go an extra mile to showcase how much they mean to them. Kiara Advani recently spoke about one such fan encounter and she terms it as a ‘weirdly sweet’ gesture.

Kiara recently completed 7 years in Bollywood and to celebrate the achievement she held a meet and greet for fans. When one of the fans asked Kiara about her most weird fan encounter so far, she recalled an incident that took place early on in her career. She said a fan had taken a job in the building she was staying so that he could have a glimpse of her. Eventually, the fan mustered courage and spoke to Kiara’s brother and asked him if could help fix a meeting with the actress and told him the reason why he had taken up the job. The meeting did take place and it left Kiara both awestruck and surprised by the gesture.

Here’s what Kiara Said-

When I opened the door, I saw a man completely drenched in sweat. I asked him why was he sweating so much and to that he said that he had taken the stairs to climb 27 floors instead of the elevator to show me how much I meant to him. I requested him not to do that ever again because it’s too much cardio! But overall it was a very sweet gesture, he wanted to make me feel special and also brought flowers and cakes. After that, he left the job because he had taken it up only to meet me.

Check out the video here-

This surely is an interesting story and a sweet gesture by the fan. On the work front, Kiara will next be seen in Shershaah alongside Sidharth Malhotra.

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