Vidya Balan Speaks About Sexism, Says- ‘I Have Faced Sexism From Men, Women And Myself’

Showbiz Intern , 22 Jun 2021
Vidya Balan | (Source: Instagram | @balanvidya)
Vidya Balan | (Source: Instagram | @balanvidya)

Vidya Balan is undoubtedly one of the most wittiest and talented actresses we have in the industry. She never steps back from putting forth her view and has given us some of the sassiest comeback lines. Her latest film, Sherni managed to win hearts, convey a strong message to the audience, and showcased her as the trailblazing woman that she is.

Recently when asked about what’s her view on sexism, Vidya opened up and spoke about the depth of the term and her personal experience. She mentioned how sexism is just not about how men treat women, it’s also about the mindset.

As per a report on Mid-Day, here’s what Vidya said when asked about her views on sexism-

Sexism is not only about how men treat women; it is as much a mindset that women have, as a result of their deep-rooted conditioning. I have faced sexism from men, women, and myself. Sometimes I have underestimated myself because I am a woman. But over time, I’ve realized that there is a way out. I don’t have to hold myself back because of my gender.

When asked about her latest film Sherni and her choice of films, here’s what she said-

We have all read about global warming and climate change. But I don’t think any of that has impacted me as much as being part of this story has. I don’t retain anything that’s taught to me in theory, but the moment you infuse a story into it, I connect with the subject.

I make films for people to watch; the more people watch it, the happier it makes me. That said, it is not about validation. I choose the stories I want to tell. My decision is not based on what [subjects] the audience will like. When they do like what I am putting out, it’s a form of gratification. It encourages me as an actor. I think anyone who says they are making films for themselves and don’t care about box-office is bullshi**ing.

Well, she clearly is one actress who speaks her might and that makes her more loved and appreciated. Her latest film, Sherni helmed by Amit Masurkar, also stars Brijendra Kala, Vijay Raaz, and Neeraj Kabi in the lead roles. The film released on Amazon Prime Video on 18th June 2021.

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