Having a sibling is like having a best friend, right? They’re always there for you when you need them and also when you don’t need them. Well, Anam Darbar and Awez Darbar are one such sister brother creator duo who prove that in some cases, talent does run in families. I am sure you all often watch them create content together and having each other’s back on social media. Whether on the ‘gram or off the ‘gram, #Anwez will always be the ideal sibling duo that one desires. Their bond is so true and pure that I see a reflection of my relationship with my brother in their content. So, I thought of listing down a few of the many reasons that make Anam and Awez, #SiblingGoals.

Here they are:

1. Their love for each other is endless

Isn’t it just adorable to see how Anam and Awez have always got each other’s back? Making a promise to always love endlessly, protect each other and be there in all the good and bad times. Ngl, but I have been watching this Reel on loop and every time I do, I get all teary as I miss my second half, my bro!

2. They totally make workout sessions fun

Who would miss a workout as fun as this? I sure would not! Also, I am absolutely certain that you haven’t seen a brother-sister pair as cute as Awez and Anam. When these two create content together it automatically gives us ‘maasti wali’ feel and brings a HUGE smile to my face. Brb, need to try out this fun routine with my bro too!

I absolutely love it when brothers and sisters jump on and try out different viral sibling trends. Anam and Awez did just that, with their own lil’ dancing twists. Honestly, I have been obsessing over how these two nailed this viral trend for a while now. Their synchronization is bang on, don’t you agree?

4. Their birthday posts for one another is nothing but adorable

How adorable is this post? Anam and Awez share the cutest birthday posts for one another and it always reminds me of my brother. It’s amazing how they root for each other every time and never fail to show everyone how pure and full of love their bond is.

5. They are cute and goofy together

If you can’t be cute and goofy with your sibling at the same time, then are you even siblings? The way Awez surprises and at the same time shoes his goofy side by pushing Anam into the ball pool is not only natural and pure but also super relatable. This Reel totally summarises a brother and sister relationship perfectly.

6. They burn the dancefloor with their LIT dance moves

What can we even say about their dance collaborations? Okay so, they both are amazing dancers individually, but together they are straight-up fire! If you don’t believe me, just watch this Reel and judge for yourself. I bet, you will get floored looking at them slaying together with their energy and fiery dance moves.

These posts prove that Anam and Awez are nothing but Sibling goals. Their pure bond and love for each other really make me realise how lucky I am to have a sibling in my life. On a side note, all those who are reading this article I hope you are all staying home and staying safe. Also, here’s a reminder for you to say ‘I love you’ to your sibling and tell them how much they mean to you.