In recent years, Instagram has become a mix of unique and interesting content. Daily, a variety of content creators come up with new ways to keep their audiences engaged. The boy in a wig, a.k.a. Ronit Ashra, is one such creator who caught our attention in no time. We were easily hooked to his videos and defo can’t seem to get enough of them. What a visual treat this hilarious guy is, and watching his videos is just like watching a movie but with more mirch masala added to it. P.S: his expressions are incredible, and his popularity speaks for it all. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of his most amazing impersonations.

Check ’em out

1. The one where it all started

By now, we all know that Ananya Pandey is his fave actress, and this is the one where it all started. We can’t judge him for his talent of touching his tongue to his nose, but we surely praise him and laugh at the fact that he tried so hard and succeeded in making us laugh every time.

2. The one where an alien came to our planet

Yes, we are talking about none other than the film PK. We are huge Bollywood fans, and Ronit is no exception. This Bollywood keeda in us will never go away, and, we don’t want it to. We were convinced that no one can try remaking this film, but he surprised us once again with his accurate acting and on-point expressions, it’s more like a trailer tho but let’s give it to him, hahah. Also we defo would name this video PK Lite, cause it’s as hilarious as the movie.

3. The one with all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Could he be any more accurate? Could he be wearing any more clothes, No right? ‘Cuz it’s the best. We adore how he faithfully recreated many of our fave scenes from our fave television show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We’re speechless at how well he played all of the parts, and OMG, those recreation looks are lit.

4. The one that got super viral

This was surely one of the biggest highlights of the year and we totes agree that we all made this our jam for quite a long time. We can’t forget how big of a trend this was, but we defo got the answer to Kokila Ben’sRasode mein kaun tha,’ (sushhhh, don’t tell anyone but it was Rashi) just because of you and Yashraj Mukhate who gave this dialogue a fantastic beat to it. There’s a separate fanbase dedicated to all the superb expressions, and tbh, who needs a stylist when you can surely DIY?

5. The one with good looks, good looks and good looks

You already know that Poo is one of our fave Bollywood characters by now, so how could we not mention her? This iconic character of Poo, played by Ronit, gave us literal glamorous diva vibes, and while being a fan of Poo, I’d rather want to go to prom with Ronit, hehe. All of us will agree to this, don’t we?

6. One with no feelings what-so-ever

Another viral trend, as well as a jam for our next dance party. We are truly shipping Yashraj Mukhate’s music and Ronit’s Mimic talents together. We can’t help but admit that watching this video is our guilty pleasure, cause ‘humari feeling humari’, hehe. Besides his expressions and costumes, we’ve become big fans of his dancing also now, much WOW.

7. One with the blockbuster

Once again, another Bollywood blockbuster has been accurately recreated. Everyone was amused by his successful attempt to imitate some of the most well-known characters. His delivery of dialogue is spot-on, and his facial expressions are hilarious. Another talent he possesses is the ability to walk down in a catwalk style. He’s a true gem we’ve found for our nonstop entertainment.

He did an excellent job portraying all of the characters and is just as funny as the OGs. We had no idea he was so multi-talented, and our personal fave was the catwalk at the end. These are just a few of his many hilarious videos on Instagram, and we would surely recommend you to go and watch all of them for a super fun day. Hands down we had a lot of fun knowing him virtually. Also stay home, stay safe while getting entertainment by him.