When we hear someone say fashion, the first name that pops up in our heads is Masoom Minawala Mehta. She is someone who’s already made such a big name for herself in this industry that she doesn’t need any introduction. With so many awards and accolades in her bag, Masoom is not just a reputed influencer but also a growing entrepreneur. Today, she works with the biggest fashion and lifestyle brands in the business. However, her journey hasn’t been a cakewalk. So, if you wish to dive into this talented creator’s journey then you’ve stopped by the right place. Keep reading to know how Masoom became a pioneer in the global blogging space!

A little bit about Masoom Minawala Mehta

Today, Masoom works with some of the finest luxury brands all over the world. She started her blogging journey back in 2010 with her blog ‘Miss Style Fiesta‘. Since then, she has only been going from strength to strength and continues to represent India on a global stage. What we personally find really intriguing is that she has always been super candid about her journey, failures and how she overcame them. Her content strongly revolves around positivity and women empowerment. Her aspirational posts and videos have found a way into peoples hearts as she currently has over 1.37 million followers across various social media platforms.

All about her content & entrepreneurial ventures

At the moment, Masoom has over 1 million followers on her Instagram and her audience is only growing by the day. Apart from regularly creating fashion and lifestyle content, she has been proactively helping people get through these challenging pandemic times by sharing verified leads and raising more awareness consistently. We love how Masoom strongly believes in representing Indian fashion on a global platform. Hence, she keeps collaborating with upcoming homegrown fashion labels. Her initiative, #SupportIndianDesigners has generated 10,000+ conversations in India within just 6 months. Recently, on Women’s Day 2021, she started a new venture called @empowherofficial. With this initiative, she aims to empower homegrown women-led Indian brands and help them receive a global audience. She has not just been representing India at global luxury events but has also been inspiring women through her content.

Here’s what Masoom has to say about her journey as a creator and entrepreneur,

I started off my journey in the pre-Instagram era almost 10 and half years ago when content creation was completely different. I created my Style Fiesta blog that revolved around fashion, tips, daily outfits and whatnots. It was long-format content from which I went on creating 30-second videos on Instagram. It has been a very interesting journey with a lot of learnings along the way. Huge adaptability has come into play because the internet has evolved enormously from the time that I started. While creating any content, I always follow 4 principles for my audience- Educate, Help, Inspire and Entertainment. This has helped me build a great connection with my community for which I will be forever grateful.

Well, her journey has indeed inspired us in so many ways. She is a pioneer in the blogging space and never fails to deliver unique and meaningful content. As an entrepreneur, she has not only worked her way towards global recognition but also uplifted other women in the process. We wish her a lot of success and hope to see a lot of new content from her. Also, we hope everyone who’s reading this article is staying home and staying safe during these uncertain times.