The relatability factor of Instagram‘s content is the sole reason why it is so popular among millennials and Gen-Z. One creator who has managed to catch my attention with her hilariously accurate Reels is Kareema Barry. She is a creator whose fan base is growing by the speed of light and I am all for it. I personally, adore her content, as it makes me nod my head in agreement. Honestly, I am straight-up living for her Reels and her power of captivating everyone with her content. So, in that case, what better way to beat your Monday blues than by watching her content, amirite? Check out these hilarious Reels by Kareema that left me ROFLing.

Ready. Set. Scroll

1. Office – Office IRL

I’m scared of how our office life is gonna turn out after this comfy way of working from home and bed, right? ‘cuz I defo am anxious rn just by the thought of it. Tho, these personal attacks on backaches and mini naps are too terrifying to contemplate with and I’m sure starting a petition to ban those un-comfy pants in the office, lol. This is, in fact, a subtle reminder to all of us that life will turn out as it always has, both beautiful and tedious. But, when the office reopens, I defo will be saving this Reel for my boss to tag, wbu?

2. Mean Girl, alert!

This cutesy Reel is everything to wake our inner ‘Mean Girls’ personality. This super stunning combination of Cher from ‘Clueless’ and Regina from ‘Mean Girls’ left us speechless and how. Kareema here is looking fabulous channelling her inner diva and I totes can’t stop watching this Reel on repeat. I don’t know about others, but pink is going to be a new fave for me and that lil pretty mirror phone is all I want.

3. Bollywood non-stop

Just like I’ve a Bollywood keeda inside me, so does Kareema. Aren’t we all too obsessed with Bollywood characters? Yes, we’re and we love that about us. This typical debutante Shanaya is so on point and we can’t stop giggling at it. This ‘deddy’s’ princess lives on her own terms and is the queen of the cafeteria. She certainly does not need any character growth and if you don’t like this Reel as quoted by Shanaya herself then ‘eww, your’re so tacky’.

4. Hot girl summer

This Reel couldn’t be more real. Kareema’s dishwashing expressions sum up my whole mood rn. I, my phone and my anxiety all are laughing and crying at this hilarious masterpiece at the same time. Going out these days is a real challenge, and we long for the days of cute summer dresses. However, the idea of going out makes us miss our cosy clothes and bed even more. What is it if this isn’t a struggle, for real?

5. Phone calls these days

Repeating ‘aur batao’ at every 20 seconds is our go-to conversation and accha nahi lag raha is defo our constant mood. The accuracy of this Reel is so on-point and this happens with me on daily basis. I legit could relate to this so much and  I am literally feeling bad for my conversation skills.

PS: the only phone calls I get is from my service provider, heheh, not kidding.

6. Hey! BFF

The truth has been revealed, and it is pretty unpleasant. Not only do I want food, but I also want attention and someone to give it to me, lol. Yes, this is a gentle reminder from Kareema and me for our BFFs to pay attention to us. Wbu, if you also require attention from your best friend, hit them up and continue to annoy them until they do so.

7. Daily dose of drama

This is acted so on-point and not even exaggerated at all, hehe. I do miss watching those dramatic, triple zoom TV serials way too much. Netflix, without a doubt, will not understand the emotions required to make a series so entertaining and captivating. Kareema you’ve hit the correct nostalgia and I surely want to see you come up with your own television show.

Her Reels never fail to cheer me up. These are some of her Reels that I personally like so much and I’m sure you’ll find more relatable and funny ones on her Instagram page. Kareema is one such creator who has consistently delivered quality content to her audience while remaining open and honest. I genuinely can’t stop laughing these Reels literally made my day. Also, I hope you stay safe, stay home and take care.