As a child of the internet, you can probably make out that I am obsessed with everything social media, especially Instagram. One of the main reasons behind my alarming screen time is the relatable memes and Reels on Instagram. I spend hours scrolling through them but hey, you can’t blame me ‘cuz all the content is just so relatable. One creator who I found on my Reels explore is Rama Lauw. Ever since I came across his content, I have been hooked! His videos are so accurate that I can relate to them on a spiritual level. So, if you feel like getting your daily dose of entertainment then check out these hilarious Reels by Rama. I am sure so many of his videos will strike a chord in your mind.

Ready to go down the relatability rabbit hole?

1. Waiting for my bae to magically appear

I am SO guilty of this! No, I will not go out and date. No, I will not even make new friends or speak to any guy out there. However, I will wait for my ‘bae‘ to magically appear in my life. Can you understand and relate to my dilemma? This Reel by Rama was indeed a major personal attac to me and surely so many others! 😛

2. When he is home alone

This is Reel is actually so accurate that it hurts! As a Gen-Z my whole daily routine revolves around me staying in my room. I absolutely love how Rama picks up the subtlest daily habits and turns them into something so accurate and relatable for so many of us.

3.  Relationship, What’s that?

Same Rama, same. Don’t come and tell me to jump on such viral trends ‘cuz for that I need to be in a relationship. I am sure all ‘forever single’ kinda folks can relate to this on a different level, amirite?

4. Overthinking is our passion

If there’s one thing that I can master then that’s overthinking! At this point, I feel Rama’s Reels are literally based on my life! 😛 The way he turned this super accurate feeling into such a hilarious video is just epic. Ngl, he is slowly turning into my favourite creator. This Reel is a part of his series #Free99 and literally, all the videos hit me where it hurts! (cries in a corner)

5. 10/10 listening face

The sheer accuracy of this Reel! I have to give it to Rama, he literally manages to hit a nerve with his content every single time. All of us are guilty of just acting like we’re listening but in reality, we’re too zoned out of focus on anything.

6. Oh, that was a question

Even a short and simple Reel such as this one had me shaking my head with relatability. By now, I am sure you’ve realised how insanely relatable Rama’s content is. Btw, if someone can actually help me fix my sleeping schedule please feel free to DM some suggestions to me! 😛

7. Are you in (S)pain?

This Reel makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time. Moreover, I couldn’t stop cackling after looking at the comments on this video. So many people are in (s)pain but let me tell you, gang, we’re in this together. This Reel hit me where it hurts and it’s still funny to me tho. (guys, this what being Gen-Z feels like)

By now, you must have realised that I am a fan of Rama Lauw’s content. There are so many interesting, hilarious and accurate Reels on his profile. However, these 7 have to be my favourite. Which one could relate the most with? Tell me in the comments below! Also, I hope everyone who’s reading this is staying home and staying safe.