With new content being uploaded on Instagram on an everyday basis, new trends keep making it’s way to the top. And keeping track of these what these new trends are can be difficult. But an easy way to spot it would be to see more and more users and content creators make content around that specific trend. Off-late Instagram has been buzzing with videos that have the popular track, Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles merged with Fabricio TJ‘s Seaside. Tbh, the more we hear this audio-mix, the more we fall in love with it. Do you wanna watch some stunning Reels made by creators on this audio? Scroll away!

Are you ready for some Watermelon Sugar rush?

1. Nagma Mirajkar – Anam Darbar

This video by Anam Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar is one of the most popular and most viewed Reels on the ‘gram to the Watermelon Sugar x Seaside. These two content creators are known to work their magic around the latest trends and this one is no exception. We absolutely love how they celebrated Nagma’s 5 million followers milestone and added a transition to show the highlight moment in this video. Quite amazing right?

2. Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur slaying that glam and casual-chic look in this video with that smooth transition like a boss. The Watermelon Sugar X Seaside audio sure does enhance the video and amp it up to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

3. Siddharth Nigam

We love how Siddharth Nigam’s transition Reel is a slightly different version of this trend. The talented creator took on the Watermelon Sugar x Seaside viral trend and showed us his before and after beard and hair grooming sesh. The ending of this video and that final look sure does look fab.

4. Nicole Concessao

Let Nicole Concessao show you how transition Reels are done so effortlessly. We love the fresh out of the shower look followed by a quick transition to the stunning Latino-diva one. Absolutely stunning and fabulous, N!

5. Unnati Malharkar

Unnati Malharkar is taking the transition game to another level one foot tap at a time with this video. Making apt and perfect use of the beats of ‘Watermelon Sugar x Seaside‘ here, we love everything about this Reel! Saving this one for some future transition inspo.

6. Aashna Hegde

Aashna Hegde used the Watermelon Sugar x Seaside audio and trend to create this amazing transition Reel. This content creator used her glasses as the transition element and it is quite a unique and genius move, we think! Don’t you agree?

7. Shanice Shrestha

This Reel by Shanice Shrestha is the cutest version of the Watermelon Sugar x Seaside trend. Shanice shared her casual to glam transition video along with a caption stating that this is a video message for her husband and that she misses him. Awwwwww! Aren’t they the cutest?

So, these were some of the stunning transition Reels to the trending audio mix of Watermelon Sugar x Seaside. We absolutely loved how each creator tried to add their own special twist to this Reel trend. We also love how smooth and stunning each of their transition moments were Abso-frigging-fabulous! Do you have a favourite from this list, do share them in the comments. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone is staying well and safe during these uncertain times. And please do continue to take the needed precautions.