Ever had a moment where you have fallen in love with an on-screen pair and wished they were real? While many creators collaborate together to create quality content and entertain their fans, they also set a million hearts racing with their killer on-screen chemistry. Moreover, if you are thinking about creators whose collaboration makes them  Jodi no. 1, then you are at the right place. Every time these famous creator pairs post something together they make my heart skip a beat. These influencer duos have set the bar so high that it is almost impossible to match them with anyone else. Well, here are a few ship names of my fave creator jodis whose on-screen pairing screams ‘We Are JODI NO. 1‘  and are straight-up fiery together.

Here they are:

1. #Fainat

What makes #Fainat, the most adorable on-screen pair so popular? Okay, hear me out, first of all, the fact that Mr. Faisu and Jannat Zubair are good friends in real life, reflects on-screen. So, whenever they feature together in Reels and music videos. their chemistry is straight-up on fire. Second of all he is a charming boy and she is a bubbly girl, this creator duo was destined to be Jodi No. 1, amirite?

2. #Sidneet

Hands down, Siddharth Nigam and Avneet Kaur are one heck of an on-screen pair that I can never get bored of! From creating magic together on the sets of Aladdin to making Reels and music videos they can literally nail any genre together. If you don’t think they make the cutest pair on-screen then I will have to reconsider my friendship with you.

3. #Unnav

Can you even think of a creator duo that could compete with Unnati Malharkar and Manav Chhabra a.k.a Mr. MNV for having the most real on-screen chemistry? Omg, the kind of easy-going and seamless vibe they have in their videos together is so much fun to watch. They are definitely one of my favourites!

4. #Fairuh

The ship name of Mr. Faisu and Ruhi Singh took social media by storm after the release of ‘Bang Baang‘. There is no denying the fact that this pair took my breath away with their performance. Well, this creator duo’s chemistry hit our screens with a ‘BANG’ for sure and we loved every bit of it. On a serious note, I would love to see them together on my ‘gram more often.

5. #Nawez

Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar are undoubtedly one of the most happening and goofiest creator duos ever! Is it just me, or do you also love how they always keep pulling pranks on each other? Also, what can I even say about their dance? Together, they simply burn the stage on fire with their energy and groovy moves.

6. #AkTk

Let me tell you something, I am a big fan of #AkTk pictures, Reels and videos. Currently, I am obsessing over their music video ‘Inaayat‘ and I bet, all #DamnFam fans will agree with me. Also, I personally feel Ashi Khanna is pretty and Tanzeel Khan is cute and together they are a ‘PRETTY CUTE’ on-screen pair right here!

7. #Aasan

Here’s a testimonial of how good Aashna Hegde and Sanket Mehta look on-screen. They are not only friends but are dancing, styling and viral Reels buddies. I just cannot take my eyes off this beautiful pair even for a minute! Every time I watch them together, I only say one word, that is ‘Awwww‘. Their good looks, good looks, and good looks make them the BEST-looking creator duo ever.

8. #Mrunirudh

Mrunu and Anirudh Sharam literally define ‘Jodi No. 1′ for me! Not only ‘cuz they are dating IRL, but also because they look super cute together in all the videos they make. Honestly, their imperfections and realness make me fall in love with them over and over again. I absolutely cannot wait to watch all the magic they are about to create on-screen with their upcoming music videos.

So, that’s it! Here’s every popular ship name I feel blows us away with their fiery on-screen presence. Well, how do they make it look so seamless? I guess I will never know. On a side note, I request everyone to not step out and stay safe and enjoy these creator duo’s on-screen chemistry on social media.