On some subconscious level, we believe that styling needs to be complex or that our outfits need to be complex. The truth is if you look closely at some of the most stylish people you’d realise that they work on building a seasonal capsule wardrobe filled with basics. What this does is: allows you to slowly expand your closet with clothes that will be stylish when teamed together creatively. However, the best way to experiment is with textures, tonal play and layers. So start with the basics and work your way into patterns, colours and styles. Scroll on to know more about how to best layer your basic black t-shirt.

Here are 5 ways to layer your black t-shirt:

1) Blazer

Start with a basic, well-fitted black blazer. If you’re trying to take a look from day to night or from basic to work appropriate, keep a blazer handy as it adds the formal touch you need. You can dress up this look with skirts and trousers or dress down this look with different styles and types of jeans.

2) Denim Jacket

Love me, a classic denim jacket. Nothing spruces up a look like this wardrobe-basic. Even though it keeps the look feeling casual, your accessories can make a huge difference. So be clear about the vibe you’re going for and play along accordingly. For eg: If you are attending a show at fashion week, you might pick a printed or bright coloured, oversized clutch. Over the top earrings and clean makeup will make you stand out for sure especially when paired against a black t-shirt.

3) Dress

Wear a black t-shirt over or under dresses, a black tee mainly works with strappy slip dresses. It adds a retro touch to one’s look. Sneakers and boots would really make this outfit special. You can always layer this look with a blazer and jacket of any kind as well if the weather feels appropriate for it.

4) Dungarees

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of how overalls look on me but I love how some women can carry it off effortlessly. Opt for printed dungarees or denim overalls, style with sneakers or pointy pumps depending on the occasion. Here’s another example of layering this look further, you could throw on an extra layer with a cardigan or jacket of any kind.

5) Shirt

You could style your black t-shirt with a flannel shirt, print of any kind or a solid colour shirt. I would load up on bracelets and layer my necklaces with this look to dress it up. Otherwise, this is the perfect casual look any woman would love. You can also tie your shirt around your waist, a trend that never went away. If you want to take this one step further you might even wear your t-shirt over your shirt, you could knot your tee around the waist and leave your shirt unbuttoned waist down.

What I want to tell you is that these are only a few ways to style a black t-shirt. I only opted to discuss these because I feel most women would already have most of these basics in their closet. However, you can opt for a trench coat, puffer jacket, bomber jacket, a kimono. If you’re the experimental kind you’ll drape a scarf over your tee, a bandeau, crop-top, bralette, the options are endless. And there are no rules so wear what you feel most comfortable in and if you’re nervous just Google for a lil inspiration.

How do you layer your black t-shirt? Let me know in the comments below.

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