Director Abhinay Deo Speaks About Imran Khan’s Decision To Quit Acting

Showbiz Intern , 01 Jul 2021
Imran Khan, Abhinay Deo (Source | Instagram: @imrankhan, Twitter: @abhinaydeo)
Imran Khan, Abhinay Deo (Source | Instagram: @imrankhan, Twitter: @abhinaydeo)

Imran Khan’s movies are loaded with fun, masala, and lots of oh-my-god so good moments. Be it Jaane Tu….. Ya Jaane Na, I Hate Love Stories or Delhi Belly, he always managed to win our hearts with his performance. However, despite having made some good films, Imran chose to quit acting to pursue his true passion, which is to become a director. Recently, The director of Delhi Belly, Abhinay Deo spoke about Imran’s decision and expressed his views.

Delhi Belly completed 10 years today and it is still undoubtedly one of the most liked films and the credits go to the brilliant storyline and acting. Abhinay Deo said that he was taken aback when he first heard about Imran’s decision but wished the best for him and appreciated his decision to follow his passion. Imran made his debut with Jaane Tu….. Ya Jaane Na in 2008 and his last film on-screen was Katti Batti Alongside Kangana Ranaut, and it released in 2015.

In an interview with SpotboyE, when asked about Imran, Abhinay Deo said-

I felt sad as I have high regard for that man. He is a great guy and there is anyway a shortage of good people in this world.  Imran is a talented guy, whether in front of the camera or behind it. He is a trained filmmaker and a writer too. I feel he should get his creativity out in any form that he can. But I did feel bad that he did not want to act anymore.

He added-

As a matter of fact, Imran refused a couple of my films because he said he was stopping acting and I was taken aback a bit by that, otherwise he would have been a part of one of my films four years back. But he didn’t want to go down that route at all as he was reinventing himself. I think every person has a process and I am sure we will see some spectacular work from him in the future.

Imran Khan did really well as an actor and his films will always manage to plant a smile on our faces. After all, following passion brings out the best and we can’t wait to watch a movie directed by Imran Khan!

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