We all have preferences when it comes to makeup, but the beauty of it is that makeup is all about self-expression and what you want it to be. While you can always follow the latest beauty trends it allows you the ability to experiment and transform your look from one day to the next. But what kind of looks do you find yourself gravitating towards first? Are you a bold lip kind of gal or fascinated with intricate eye makeup? The reason behind this bias might just lie in the stars i.e. your Zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign is characterised by certain personality traits. Of course, you may or may not agree with them entirely, but you’ve got to admit, it is kind of fun to read about them and see how true or false these descriptions are. With the 12 being divided into the 4 elements of water, air, earth and fire, it opens doors to so much more to play around with. You might have a go-to makeup look in place already but if you’re looking for some new inspiration, let the stars guide you this weekend! Ahead find the makeup trend that best suits you based on your zodiac sign.

Keep scrolling to try out your zodiac’s signature makeup trend this season:

1. Capricorn: Glowing skin

As a Capricorn, you’re driven, loyal, practical and independent. You’re all about simple living and keeping things orderly which is often reflected in your beauty decisions too. It all about toned-down looks so an elegant yet chic no-makeup makeup with glowing skin is your ultimate match.

2. Aquarius: Watercolour tie-dye eyeshadow

Fun and funky are the perfect words to describe an Aquarius gal. They are unconventional, creative, perceptive and are progressive non-conformists who thrive when they’re feeling creative. As someone who’s always trying new things exhibit your ardour for creativity through colourful and quirky eye makeup.

3. Pisces: Fluffly brows

As the daydreamers of the zodiac, you can keep those luminescent, water-loving vibes going with a soft and fresh makeup look. Nothing too graphic and stark for y’all. A subtle makeup trend like fluffy soap brows is a good choice as it doesn’t tie you down or limit you to just one specific look.

4. Aries: Blush draping

Adventurous, confident, determined and energetic, Aries are known for bolting headfirst into challenges and life in general. Attracted towards vibrancy, the verve in them makes them opt for all things bold and hot. You’re not afraid to stand out so make a statement this season with the draping blush trend for an all-over gorgeous flush.

5. Taurus: Old Hollywood glam

Taurus folks feel the best in their own skin and stick to classic looks that never run out of style. Sleek, serene and sensual with some old Hollywood glamour tossed in with a classic red lip now and then and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven.

6. Gemini: Two-toned eyeshadow

Geminis are known for having many passions in life. They are full of energy and trendsetters to the core but because of this, they have a hard time making a decision. They’re the type that will smudge on an OTT colour and make it look instantly wearable so creative makeup looks are the norm for them. This is why they’ll feel right at home with a colour-blocked or two-toned eye look. Contrasting eyes and lips or dual-tone eyelids, you decide!

7. Cancer: Monochromatic

Understanding, empathetic, loyal and sensitive in nature Cancerians need an approachable and romantic look that you can fall in love with again and again. Nothing says pretty and approachable like a cute peachy monochromatic makeup look that’s the perfect extension of their personalities.

8. Leo: Inner corner pop

Exuding absolute diva vibes, Leos are trendsetters and statement-makers totally comfortable with standing out. Charismatic, entertaining, confident and proud a fierce look is the only way to go and the inner-corner eye pop trend is the perfect fit. Slap on some bright neon colours and you’re ready to serve Insta worth looks and slay the day.

9. Virgo: Precise Eyeliner

With all that ambition and drive, Virgos are the ultimate perfectionists. They will suit a makeup look that’s as pulled-together and slick as their personality. This ultra-precise liner is beautiful and orderly, so Virgos can breathe a sigh of relief.

10. Libra: Romantic

Libras are naturally alluring, charming and tactful social butterflies. Art and aesthetic is the easiest way to their ears as they love anything visually pleasing. So something romantic, delicate and fluttery will hit all the right spots.

11. Scorpio: Hazy smokey eyes

Outwardly composed and meticulous, Scorpios have a soft spot for bold, dramatic and almost gothic make-up. A sultry Smokey eye that’s both smouldering and soft would work best for these ultra-powerful beauties who also have an emotional side. Sexy but sweet.

12. Sagittarius: Graphic neon liner

Consistent knowledge seeker of the zodiac, Sagittarius is also adventurous, free-spirited. They love experimenting but also enjoy breaking the rules. You’ll often see them switch up up a classic look with a fresh new spin which makes graphic liners especially perfect with new shades and shapes.

What trend do you think matches your zodiac the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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