Whether you’re doing an at-home manicure and pedicure or finally visiting the local nail salons as they open up we’ve got the perfect shades you need to try this season. Chic and colourful manicures always make a style statement but can also elevate your mood. With the moody monsoon weather in play, the wrong hue can make you look dull and tired. But this is the perfect opportunity to inject some colour and spice things up.

So get rid of those old nail polishes sitting in a basket under your sink collecting dust and take a break from that same colour you’ve worn every week for the past year. There are simply too many beautiful shades on the market that you just have to try and you’ll be seeing everywhere this season. So if you’re looking for some inspiration take a look at our curated list of most popular nail colours. Pick your favourites and get ready to have some fun.

1. Turquoise blue

Both chic and timeless blues are back baby and nothing is as refreshing or bold as a turquoise blue. Reminiscent of the ocean, channel the summer holiday vibes as you rock this hue.

2. Fiery coral

If you’re looking for an alternative to basic reds a rich coral is a way to go. Fresh, invigorating, and feminine it’s one of those summer shades that never goes away and looks good on almost everyone. If you’re feeling down let this fiery tone incite a feeling of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth as you wear it.

3. Tangerine orange

There’s nothing like a bold orange to make you stand out from the crowd. However this season you want the undertone to be softer, citrus-like and less like a traffic-cone neon.

4. Sunny yellow

Pantone named bright yellow 2021’s colour of the year so this sunflower shade has been popping up everywhere. Seeing yellow can evoke a spirit of optimism and vibrancy so using this playful colour even as a french tip will for sure put you in a better mood.

5. Electric Green

Green is another big colour for the year and while mint is always fresh and popular swap it out for a more electric shade. It gives you the perfect pop of colour but is also surprisingly versatile and fun. Wear it with all your favourite or unusual rings to draw attention to your perfectly manicured claws.

6. Watermelon Pink

Regardless of how you feel about pink, it’s here to stay. This time it’s all about the bright and hot shades that can make your skin-pop or glow. Reminiscent of picnics at the park and fruit salads try a more punchy pink that’s just bright and juicy enough to entice you.

Which of these nail polish colours do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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