Taapsee Pannu Chooses Outfits Made From Recycled Fabric For Her Next Film ‘Mishan Impossible’

Taapsee Pannu Chooses Outfits Made From Recycled Fabric For Her Next Film ‘Mishan Impossible’

Joseph Bhatena

Over the past few years, there have been some great films coming out of the Telugu film industry. The Telugu industry has a massive fan following, not just from the south of India but across the country. After 2 years, Taapsee Pannu is all set to star in her next Telugu film, ‘Mishan Impossible.’ As per the reports of Entertainment Times, Taapsee will be seen wearing outfits that have been made from recycled fabric.

The focus here is to be eco-friendly and have sustainable living. Actors and filmmakers have been adapting to changes in their personal as well as professional life. It is very important to promote the idea of avoiding wastage. It is very crucial of keeping the surroundings clean on the sets, but it also includes reusing and recycling products.

Speaking about the decision of wearing recycled outfits, Taapsee said, “I would often think that it’s sad to see so many clothes which we use during a shoot get wasted. They are kept in boxes, and ultimately, thrown away. Rarely do producers think of reusing or recycling them. I wanted to try and do my bit for the environment by opting for fabric and brands that use biodegradable or recycled material for my outfits. With Mishan Impossible, I could do that. Most of the outfits I wear in this film are made out of disposable waste or biodegradable materials.”

I really love the idea of promoting the usage of recycled outfits for a film. Taapsee surely is setting an example for everyone by choosing to wear outfits made from biodegradable or recycled material. With that said, hope everyone is staying safe and taking care of themselves. Always wear a mask and sanitize your hands regularly.