If you’re an Instagram junkie just like me, I’m sure you must’ve come across the Reels feature by now. I’m so sure Reels is our fave Instagram feature and a pleasant way to pass the time on boring days. You can use the Reels function to upload not just photos and videos, but also some amazing transitions. Instagram Reels allows users to create short format videos for 30 seconds and it’s soon going to get extended to 60 seconds, I’m super excited for it to be launched in India. You can also add effects and music to it. And now, I’m happy to say that Instagram Reels has been around us for a year, and I’m grateful to them for providing us with such a cool feature to keep me entertained. On the occasion of Reels completing 1 year, here are 5 reasons as to why we love this feature.

Let’s get you Reelin’

Reels are an excellent method to captivate and engage your audience. You’re undoubtedly aware that one of Reels’ most appealing features is the use of current trends in the form of videos. You may make use of this either to embrace different entertaining trends that are related to your personality or create one with your own lil’ twist! This will help you in increasing audience participation and interaction. Voila! You never know when you’ll become a trendsetter yourself.

2. Familiarises us with talented budding artists

Reels from popular and trending accounts begin to play automatically as soon as the Reels icon is hit, due to the algorithm, providing users with a quick picture of the content being made by top creators. This Instagram function is giving a huge boost to new emerging content creators and artists, allowing ‘em to achieve popularity by providing them with much-needed traction and engagement. Just like this Reel by an upcoming artist, Rahill Mehta, ugh he is so good at creating music.

3. Diversity of content

Reels keeps people interested in the app for a long time by showing them an endless stream of videos that are very popular and interested by the user, with a diverse variety of trends. From choreographed dance numbers to frothy cappuccinos, there’s no limit to what people can share on Instagram. Well, that’s the beauty of it, that you’ll get a variety of amusing content that will leave you awestruck and engaged on the ‘gram for hours.

The new OG feature of Instagram helps you gain traction just by using a unique song, thus discovering popular and trending songs from around the world. Reels feature of adding songs from all over the world, helps people discover new music from various talented artists and producers. One of my such fave popular songs currently is Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles which has millions of downloads and is on the top of the charts.

5. Coming across cool and interesting transitions

With its new feature Reels, Instagram has completely dominated the digital market. It provides you thousand reasons to be creative by allowing you to experiment with various unique and interesting transitions and edits. Some of the fun transitions, such as clap, leap, and slide, became the buzz of the town since they were so simple to use. You only need to put in a little effort to make them, and I am certain they will be eye-catching and mindblowing. Transitions have always been the right hand of fashion and lifestyle influencers when it comes to creating challenges and a whole lot of fun. You can quickly align the clips and create magic out of them. I’ve had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to work around it, and I hope you do as well.

Well, I adore Reels and am so addicted to it that I can’t go an hour without scrolling through it. It certainly drives me to create exciting challenges and videos by providing me with insights into current music, trends, and challenges. I can also keep up with my fave creators and what they’re up to, as well as track the trends that they’ve sparked, through it. It’s also a fantastic method to get traction and popularity. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Reels section and reenact your fave trends. Also, hope you’re safe by staying at home.