As the new week begins, a new audio or challenge begins to climb up the top 10 trends slot in the digital space. And this week, we have the song Beggin by Måneskin that has been creating some noise on Instagram. A number of creators have tried creating their own versions of this famous dance number and each one of these Reels have been a treat to the eyes. So, if you are quite keen on trying out this trend, here are a few Instagram Reels by content creators that are so good that these can definitely be the Reel inspo you need. Check ‘em out!

Ready. Set. Scroll.

1. Awez Darbar

Talk about creating waves literally on the ‘gram! Awez and Chrisann Pereira have nailed it with this Reel and tbh, there are some really kick-ass moves that made us wanna immediately try them out. If you’re thinking of trying out the Remixing Reels feature with this one and that too with a dance partner, we think you must defo try this out.

2. Vishal Pandey

Vishal created a very unexpected Reel with the Beggin’ trend. The good boy, bad boy twist is quite unique we must say. Also brownie points to you, Vishal for switching those expressions so quickly.

3. Anam Darbar

Anam here is not only acing the Beggin‘ trend but also the transition game on the ‘gram. We love how everything about this Reel is so bang on. Anam, we cannot wait to see what more do you have in store for us.

4. Aashna Hegde

Aashna’s version of the Beggin‘ trend has such chill and swagger vibes. The section post the transition is a whole mood! Right guys, if you agree, do tell us in the comments.

5. Unnati Malharkar

You gotta trust Unnati Malharkar when it comes to coming up with some stunning and unique Reel transitions. This video is so good and has such amazing transitions that anybody looking for some transition inspo this one is definitely worth your save.

6. Samidha Singh

For all the people out there looking to create a fashion Reel on the Beggin‘ trend, this one by Samidha is can be your go-to. We love how smooth flowing this Reel, that we may have watched this one on repeat.

So these were some stunning Reels made by creators on the Beggin’ trend. With the varied options of how you can go about with this trend, do try it out and ’cause we are absolutely going to be trying this one out too. While all of our favourites, do you have one that you are definitely going to try out? If yeah, do tell us about it in the comments. Also, we hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.