With new content being posted on IG on a constant basis, new trends seem to rise to the top. Due to Reels, an increasing number of people are now creating content. It’s so amusing to see people scrolling through the Reels section for over an hour without even realizing it. Talking about Reel trends have suddenly become an important part of Instagram. Every now and then there is a new trend that blows up the ‘gram. One such recent viral trend called #DontTalkToMe is buzzing the internet, with Playboi Carti’s popular track Punk Monk. So, start scrolling for some entertaining content.

Let’s get you entertained…

1. Krutika a.k.a @themermaidscales

OMG, how does she manage to make it so relatable every god damn time? Hands down, we totally agree to it and yes, it’s one of the most irritating things our BFFs could do. Although #DontTalkToMe would be a little too overdramatic for our BFF we are all for it, hehe. Also ngl, this Reel, just like her is far too cute.

2. Ankush Bahuguna

This is a not-so-conventional take by Ankush on the #DontTalkToMe trend. It’s everything we are on the ‘gram for, amirite? Yes, ‘humne sharam bechkar cheetos kha liye hai’, and no one can stop us from watching this on loop. (Yes, we did finish our homework, hehe) The way he expresses and acts with all that sass is too adorable, no kidding.

3. Agasthya Shah

We do agree, aunties are defo better spies than James Bond, amirite? This hilarious yet relatable Reel by Agasthya literally had us for a moment. It surely changed our whole concept on the #DontTalkToMe trend. The Reel is quite accurate, and we will undoubtedly share it with our pals.

4. Sakshi Shivdasani

This Reel by Sakshi is so on-point. To just listen is the ultimate answer to all our problems ‘cuz we all know how to deal with it tbh, as said by her, if you can’t sympathize then #DontTalkToMe, for real. We definitely relate to this one.

5. Taneesha Mirwani

OMG, this Reel is legit father-daughter goals, right? Her dad is a stunner and he stole all our attention. Let’s face it, everyone is afraid of moms, (hehe, sorry moms), this super cute Reel practically reminded us of every single time our dad canned on us. We totally can feel your #DontTalkToMe emotions here.

So, these were some of the super relatable #DontTalkToMe viral Reels. We absolutely loved how each creator tried to add their own solid twist to this viral trend. Tell us which one is your fave from this list in the comments below. Also, we hope everyone is well and safe during these uncertain times. Take care and stay safe.