YouTube is a space for creativity and there are so many creators who are trying to express themselves on this amazing platform. As you all know, gaming content is extremely popular on YouTube and there are so many creators who cater to this niche. However, one profile that has distinctly stood out for me is Total Gaming. Ajay (Ajjubhai) a.k.a. Total Gaming is a YouTuber from Ahmedabad whose content is like a dreamland for all gamers. What’s interesting is that he is the first Indian gamer to cross 25 million subscribers without revealing his face to the audience. So, let’s dive deep into his journey!

A little about Ajay

Ajay started the Total Gaming page on YouTube back in 2018 with the sole intention of entertaining and engaging with the gaming community online. With no agenda, roadmaps or strategy, Ajay just dived into the world of gaming content and received an impressive response from all gaming enthusiasts. He is the first Indian gamer to garner 3 billion collective views on YouTube. However, the most interesting aspect of his channel is that he hasn’t revealed his real identity. That breaks the popular notion of ‘face value’. I find his sheer dedication towards his craft quite inspiring.

All about Total Gaming’s content

Total Gaming is one gaming channel that has seen exponential growth in the last two years in terms of viewership and subscribers. His content includes games like Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, Minecraft, GTA5 and PUBG. He has also become one of the most popular Free Fire YouTubers in India. With more than 25 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.9 million followers on Instagram, Ajay’s fan base is only growing by the day. 2020 has been a great year for in professionally as he was named in the list of top live streamers by views on YouTube. Total Gaming is also the first-ever gaming channel to dub an English game in Hindi so that he can engage with a wider audience.

Here’s what Ajay has to say about his journey and milestones,

It feels phenomenal to wake up to this! I hadn’t expected to reach this milestone as I was always creating gaming content with the intention to share my gaming experience. I am glad to see that audiences have been engaging with my content so well. 2020 has been a great year for me as a gamer and for the Indian gaming industry at large. Locked up at home, I took it as an opportunity to grow as a gaming professional and create best of the best content for my audiences. The increasing numbers are just testimony of the fact that I am doing some genuine work, and I will strive to continue doing this further. Looking forward to creating more engaging gaming content for my superb audiences

I love how well Ajay’s content caters to his niche and am excited to see everything new he has in store for his fan base. Are you into gaming? If yes, what do you like to play? Tell me in the comments below. Also, I hope all of you are staying home and staying safe.