Teen Music Producer Zenshy Releases His First Debut Single 'YOU' & It's A Real Bop

Suruchi Patwary , 12 Jul 2021
YOU by Zenshy (Source: Instagram | @zenshymusic)
YOU by Zenshy (Source: Instagram | @zenshymusic)

It’s crazy how music serves as a universal language—no matter who you meet and what language they speak, music is something that will always connect you both. And at MissMalini, we’re always on the hunt of finding new and budding music artists and sharing their incredible work with the world. Because who doesn’t like listening to new music and finding their next favourite artist?

Our search led us to Zenshy, an 18-year-old music producer, EDM artist and a DJ with a passion for electronic music. His debut single ‘YOU’ released worldwide on July 9th and received an enormous response. Fun fact about Zenshy, he was just 14 when he fell in love with house music and started spinning at home and at small parties. He knew then that he wanted to create the kind of music his idols were creating.

When asked about his journey so far, he said,

My love for electronic and especially Deep House Music stemmed from the fact that it’s a genre that transcends language and can bring together people from all walks of life. There have been times when I’d have a bass line or lyric stuck in my head for days, and I needed an outlet to create something out of that. Making music and DJing is such a great way for me to channel emotions into something creative. As an artist, I love to turn any sort of emotion into something that everyone can relate to, be it happiness, anger, love or loss. I’ve been heavily influenced by artists like Jax JonesCalvin HarrisPascal JuniorTchami and WHTKD, their music has a feel-good factor, which is the kind of music I want to create.

That’s what YOU is about, a kind of celebration of, and yearning for that perfect love, with melancholic lyrics and a bass line that makes you wanna dance. YOU was an impulsive project, a reflection of the zone I was in at the time, made on my laptop in between school work. But with the help of Naz (the vocalist), we wrote a great song together. The real work started when I sent Naz the track to write some lyrics on, and she sent it back with some vocals that blew me away! I immediately forwarded it to 7VN, (Secondary Producer) to get his opinion, and from there it was just hard work and dedication to get the song to sound the way we wanted it to. Naz and 7VN are long time friends who produce music. Naz’s songwriting skills and 7VN’s ear for sound design along with my composition and ideology for the track is what made it what it is today. It’s our baby that we nurtured for 9 months!

When asked about what he’s currently working on and what is his goal, he said,

I am currently working on my melodic deep house mix along with a remix of a huge single that recently released from one of my favourite YouTubers KSI. I want my music to be a portal to a happier world, where skin colour, race and ethnicity doesn’t matter, and music is all that matters. As an artist, all I care about is making people feel good and dance, that’s what music is about.

Here’s his debut single ‘YOU’, check it out!

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