New and talented creators emerge on social media platforms regularly, and they always manage to capture my eye. I’ll admit it, whenever you think I’m doing anything productive, I’m generally scrolling through Instagram. I could spend hours browsing through these, but you can’t blame me because everything is so relevant, amirite? There are so many amazing content creators on Instagram, and I understand how difficult it is to stand noticed. Saurabh Ghadge is one of the creators I discovered through my Reels quest and I’ve been hooked on his content ever since! So, for a daily dose of humour, check out these funny Reels by him.

Keep scrollin’

1. Reels addicts IRL

Watching Saurabh getting addicted to Reels about popular viral trends is so hilarious and entertaining! Also, I love how he literally just enacted the whole trend in his own quirky way with Ayush Mehra. This Reel surely had me ROFLing.

2. Gen-Z classrooms

Without a doubt, this Reel should be played over and over again. Saurabh is simply depicting the future with his pals in his own amusing way. I clearly remember my school days and how my gang used to annoy the professors just like this. Now he’s given us an intriguing idea for how to accomplish it in a true Gen-Z style. Instagram trends have become an unquestionable part of our life in recent years. I, too remember these popular tunes and I absolutely couldn’t get enough of them.

3. Clubhouse awkwardness

I absolutely enjoy creators who come up with versatile content. Although Saurabh’s content is hysterical and relatable, he still manages to come up with something surprising and enjoyable. I have a buddy who is just as shy and introverted as Saurabh in this Reel. I’m sure you have introverts and shy pals as well, please tell them that I’m referring to them, hehe.

4. Cat supremacy

If you’re a cat parent, you’ll nod your head in agreement with this one. Saurabh’s portrayal of a cat was absolutely funny. I’m sure cats would look precisely like this if they ever turned into hoo-mans. This one totes had me ROFLing around for a while.

5. TMKOC fanclub

This one is for all ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ fans in the house. I can never believe that any other program is better than TMKOC since I am a huge fan. I swear, Saurabh, there will be many discussions, but the OG will remain the same. This one comes straight from the heart of every TMKOC fan, and it has hit us in the feels.

6. Daddy cool

This Reel literally summarized my whole life up. Saurabh has accurately summed up my plans with my friends in a mere 30 seconds. It’s this reliability factor in his content that keeps me hooked to his feed all day long.

So, here are just 6 of his numerous entertaining Reels that have me hooked to his feed. Creators like Saurabh are what makes Instagram browsing so fascinating, enjoyable, and interesting. His funny Reels and spot-on acting stunned me. Also, folks, I hope you’ll are staying home and are safe.