8 Gym Hairstyles That Can Withstand Even The Sweatiest Sessions

8 Gym Hairstyles That Can Withstand Even The Sweatiest Sessions

Kanak Devnani

When you decide to commit to a workout there are always a few things to take into consideration before you start working up a sweat. Up first is always your exercise gear and workout clothes but if you’re a woman one of those things also happens to be how to wear your hair. We all know about the messy bun and ponytail but more often than not you probably find yourself stopping mid-workout to readjust your hair because it’s come undone. That just won’t do as nobody’s got time to deal with that distracting and interrupting your workout flow. Let this be the last time your locks get in the way of a good fitness routine. We’ve rounded up the best gym-ready hairstyles that will withstand even the toughest of workouts. Plus they’re cute enough to keep in place even after your session.

Scroll below to check out 8 cute gym-ready hairstyles that’ll stay put for hours:

1. Headbands or scarves

Adding a pretty, headband, bandana or even a scarf is the easiest way to adds some personal style to your updo while keeps the stray hairs away from the face. If you like fuss free styling pick accessories that will always keep your hair back and look cute after.

2. Braided top knot

There are many ways to do a braided bun but we love this hidden braid aspect. Similar to a top knot, a bun will keep your locks completely out of your face during a workout with zero hair hanging down. Plus it’s a little different and more secure than a messy bun.

3. Half updo

If you’ve got short hair this half-up style keeps the face free and is super easy to do. Plus you can play with up with a half bun or braid the top section of your hair if you have a fringe.

4. Pigtails

Super girly and playful, these cute side pigtails are sure to take you back to your childhood days. Perfectly fun if you’re tired of your basic ponytails and buns.

5. Braided pigtails

Speaking of pigtails there’s nothing more secure than classic two braided styles like boxer braids and they’re like. It can handle the most strenuous of activities.

6. Double buns

Love the pigtails idea but like to keep your hair up? Then turn it up a notch and go for double buns. If you prefer something low key, keep them low and closer to the nape of your neck or embrace the ‘90s vibe and do space buns wrapped on top. Secure them well and these babies won’t budge.

7. Bubble ponytail

Fashionable outside or inside the gym a bubble ponytail is the perfect way to amp up your classic updo. Moreover, they’re pretty easy to do too. All you need is a bunch of hair ties. Tie them all along the length of your ponytail in sections. We’ve even got an easy tutorial you can follow here

8. Rope Braid

Sleek, sexy and sporty dress up your high ponytail by braiding or twisting the length into a rope braid. Next step workout with confidence.

Which one of these gym hairstyles is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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