Sometimes, the minute you see a pair on-screen, you just know that they are perfect and wish to keep watching their content! This is exactly how I feel every time I scroll through Unnati Malharkar and Manav Chhabra’s adorable Reels together. They are members of the popular creator group DamnFam and whenever they post something together, I just can’t seem to stop gushing over it. While Unnati is calm, gorgeous and positive, Manav is a gabru whose charm and energy can make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Let me tell you, ‘Unnav’s chemistry is straight-up fiery! Well, here’s a list of Reels that made me fall in love with #Unnav all over again. So, scroll and check ’em out!

Here we go!

1. Cuteness on point

Name a cuter pair than Unnav, I dare you! Seriously, from their candid cute and goofy self to the background song of this Reel, Unnati and Manav’s emotion for one another truly radiates so much positivity and happiness. Also, can I confess about how their cuteness always makes me go ‘aww’? Brb, I gotta go cry about my single life! 😛

2. Right in the feels

Gosh, this Reel literally gave me goose-bumps. I guess I need to put a virtual ‘kaala teekha‘ to this pair as I don’t know about you guys but Unnav’s chemistry can legit be seen and felt in this Reel. They look perfect, don’t they? I strongly believe that if a pair is filmy together then they stay together.

As popular content creators, doing multiple viral trends is nothing new for them. From the moment I saw Unnati and Manav create trending Reels together on Instagram, it was clear that they are meant to be one of the fave on-screen Jodis’. The truth is that now we cannot stop watching them jump on all viral trends especially the dance ones cause they are both amazing dancers.

4. #BFFGoals

What can we even say about their super supportive friendship? This has to be one of my favourite Unnav Reels for sure! It feels as if this song was made just for them. Ngl, Unnati and Manav are #BFFGoals purely because they always show so much love and appreciation for each other. Gonna share this Reel with my BFF right away!

5. Going all traditional…..check!

Can you even think of a creator duo that could compete with Unnati Malharkar and Mr. MNV for having the most real on-screen chemistry? OMG, the kind of easy-going and seamless vibe they have in their Reels together shows how well they complement each other on-screen. Whether going all traditional or keeping it sassy, they are always up to the mark, don’t you agree?

6. Shaking a leg together

There is no doubt about the fact that Unnati and Mr. MNV’s dance Reels always get my feet tapping. They are one heck of dance partners who double up the energy and create magic together. Their cute expressions and smooth dancing really steal our hearts away. We all know that Unnati is a phenomenal dancer but hats off to Manav for catching every beat so perfectly.

7. Always in sync

Saying that we were awestruck to watch Unnav in so much sync will be a massive understatement! Damn, Unnati and Manav literally took our breath away with this Reel. This is one of the most cutest Reels that I have ever watched. I secretly did wish for Unnav to do this trending couple Reel, and well, yeahhh, they did!

While I love all their Reels and posts a lot, these are my absolute favourites! I love seeing them so happy together and hope to see many more of such adorable Reels. Which one out of these is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to stay home and stay safe while you binge-watch Unnav Reels.