The most wonderful thing about sharing some experiences with children especially while watching movies; is how they look at everything with child-like wonder. Once you’ve been in the rat race, you forget the things that once felt good or the questions about the universe we once had. But children are a great reminder for all those things that we miss out on as adults. Sometimes I’ll hang out with a kid and their conversations with me will make me laugh till I cry or just simply amaze me. Because I always have something new to learn from them even with their limited experiences.

I promise you I’m going somewhere with this. Plenty of mother’s can attest to the fact that while having their kids all day long is wonderful, it can be super stressful. Kids need constant attention and stimulation and if you need to take a break with the family or give your friends a break from their kids then you need an awesome distraction. I’ve put together a list of 5 amazing animated movies that have only recently released but have thoroughly blown my mind and entertained me. It would definitely make for a wonderful shared experience as well. So scroll on for more.

Here are 5 children’s movies you should watch with your kid this weekend:

1) Luca

This children’s movie is so wonderful because it made me feel that being different doesn’t make me any less worthy and that one should take look at being different as a strength and not a weakness. You can find this movie on Disney+ Hotstar.

2) Sonic The Hedgehog

This cute flick that makes me thoroughly nostaligic reminded me that you can be small and still be an unstoppable powerhouse. You can find this movie on Amazon Prime.

3) Wish Dragon

Apart from the obvious lure or learning about another culture, this glorious children’s flick really reminds you what’s most important in life. It reminds us to look beyond our material affinities. It’s a wonderful watch for everyone and you can find this movie on Netflix India.

4) Soul

Once you enter that rat race that is life, you lose that spark that reminds us of our passion. I love the innovative route this movie takes to help us commit to enjoying life. You can find this movie on Disney+ Hotstar.

5) The Mitchells vs. The Machines

This hilarious children’s movie takes us through the ins and outs and the ups and downs of family life. I love how the family works their way through their differences and come together when it really counts and in time of need. You can find this movie on Netflix India.

What are some recent movies that you loved watching with little kids recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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