All the Millennials and Gen-Z’s in the house, I bet you, this one is for sure going to be a hilarious read. Well, millennials including me… haha have so many things in common that Sakshi Shivdasani accurately sums up in her Reels. Sakshi is known for her smartness and witty statements that hit the facts right on spot. Tbh, I absolutely enjoy her content as it’s super catchy and connects me with her to another level. So, what I’m going to do is give y’all a few visuals of her feed right below, so scroll down right away.

So damn relatable…

1. Always out of clothes

OMG, I can’t even tell y’all how relatable this is. I kinda agree with this Reel ‘cuz I myself do not repeat clothes that I have worn once and later cry about the fact that I have nothing to wear and no clothes. Raise your hand if you go through the same feeling and need new clothes every time you go out, my hand is already up! Sakshi, honestly this is super apt!

2. Shooting in an Indian household

I’m sure all content creators will relate to this on another level. Tbh, Sakshi’s voiceover is epic in this Reel and damn it’s right on point too. Every time you feel like shooting or are in the mood to there is some sort of disturbance always, it’s like a given thing. But hats off to such creators who manage to shoot amazing content and make these disturbances at the back a part of their content.

3. Plans with pals

This is defo my way of saying no we’re not meeting you, buddy! There are times where I just don’t feel like meeting anyone and want some ‘me time’ and that’s when this Reel gets super relatable. And the best part is when the time arrives to meet there’s no follow-up, message or call from a friend that way it’s even. It’s like an unsaid-mutual thing. Don’t you totally relate to this?

4. Food after food

Gosh, how relatable and similar are we with Sakshi. No matter, how much I eat throughout the day there’s always space for a tiny little dessert or a bar of small chocolate in our full stomachs, amirite? At the same time, I’ll keep crying about how I’m bloating and how full am I but still I am a big foodie and that’s my weakness!

5. Two personalities

Okay, so this is not about being introverted or extroverted but it is something you all might have gone through at some point.  I’m so sure just like me all of y’all must be super social and text savvy when it comes to talking to friends and family on the phone but when it comes to actually meeting them in person it’s exactly how Sakshi depicts here, finding ways to chicken out from the situation.

6. Rainy days

I am sure, just like me, you all love cozy days during the monsoon season too? But wait, I love it as long as I’m sitting home and not stepping out. Well, looks like this is all another common Gen-Z thing. I totally relate with Sakshi here, on this note, I request you all to actually enjoy the rains from your house cause it’s not safe to step out.

Well there you go, Sakshi has shown that she’s a true millennial through her content. I personally am very excited to see her new Reels as it’s always something different from her previous ones. So, don’t forget to check her profile out as here are just 6 out of the infinite amazing Reels of her. Also, I hope y’all are staying home and have got yourself vaccinated.