You’re all aware of our Instagram infatuation and how we spend so many hours browsing on the ‘gram. Well, we’ve got something trending and different to share with you. We have observed that cool, wacky filters are becoming increasingly popular these days, especially with popular music and viral trends. Currently, one such viral filter is the Pragya Pranami‘s “Where’s my soulmate?” filter which content creators are hooked to. So, how could we not try out this entertaining and quirky filter and let us tell you that the results of this filter left us stunned, lol. Check out this amusing filter used by some of our fave content creators, whose responses and reactions left us ROFLing.

Here they are:

1. Faisal Shaikh

Mr. Faisu surely got his answers to ‘where’s my soulmate?’, but, we all are waiting for an answer to this question, amirite? He is looking super cute and dashing like always. Looks like he got lucky while trying out this quirky filter, hehe!

2. Zaid Darbar

Aww, we thought ‘where’s my soulmate?’ filter is all kinda fun and quirky, but it melted our hearts away in this situation. What we are thinking of after watching Zaid’s Reel trying out this trending filter is a jar full of heart emojis. Lastly, Gauahar‘s presence without any doubt added to the charm of this Reel. If #GaZa isn’t the cutest couple ever then who is?

3. Ankita Chhetri

We’re all blushing right now, just like Ankita, when she was trying out the viral ‘where’s my soulmate?’ filter. Don’t worry, those of you who haven’t met your soulmates yet, we’re sure they’re watching your Instagram profile rn, and we hope you find them soon. In this Reel, Ankita’s expressions are too good, and we can’t keep our eyes away from her.

4. Tanzeel Khan

Well, this Reel certainly made us feel and go ‘aww’, and now we’re smiling and sobbing at the same time. Well, we’ll always be there for you, Tanzeel, standing right behind you because we can’t see you upset like that, hehe. Your acting is superb here and we love you lots.

5. Arshfam

On the bright side, this Reel serves as a reminder to everyone out there to love yourself, amirite? While experimenting with the ‘where’s my soulmate?’ filter, Arshfam revealed the true meaning of soulmate. Also, we can’t get over his adorable smile and funny expressions after he receives his answers.

6. Sukriti Chaturvedi

This one, without a doubt, is the most humorous. To soothe the broken-hearted, it’s only a filter, and the reaction does not influence our fate, lol. We’re completely hooked to this one, and the final song is all we’ve ever dreamed.

These were just a few of the many talented creators that dabbled with this fun ‘where’s my soulmate?Instagram filter and had us ROFLing with their hilarious expressions and reactions. We tried this interesting filter as well, and it blew our minds with its results. It’s very fun and we defo recommend you all to try it out. Also, folks stay safe and stay home, take care!